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Amderesta The 4th Republic

Welcome to my official website for my Amderesta The 4th Republic book series. Here I'll be giving you update and excerpts from books in the series

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AMderesta: The 4th Republic #7.

Amderesta: The 4th Republic #9. Return to Civilian Control (90,035-90,040)


Daniel Zazitski

Part One, Chapter One (90,035)

President -Elect Jason Erins, and Deputy President Hennin stood in front of a crowd of people assembled in front of the executive building for their inauguration. Chief Judge

Danison went to Erins, and gave him the Presidential Oath of Office. ARNN Crescent Cameramen and Reporters recorded the inauguration for the

1800 Hours News Update.

Meanwhile on Base Alpha 14-A, Commander Jonathan Lencon sat in his Office, and looked over data from the Base Officers. Base Chief Medical Officer Fressan, and Base Security Chief Sanner walked into Jonathan's Office. Jonathan turned his chair to face the two.

He asked,"You need something?"

"In matter of fact, we do, sir." Base Chief Medical Officer Fressan answered with a concerned tone. "Lt. Stavans came to me and requested a transfer to Taronia Medical Center.”

“Admiral,” Commander Jonathan Lencon said,” I’m sorry, I can’t approve a transfer for Lieutenant Stavans at this time. “

Over on Nimbson Four, Former AACOS Commander Andrews, who was being held in ACM custody for assassinating President Williamson in 90, 030 sat in his 6 by seven foot cell in Alpha 12-A Prision Complex, Cell Block Gamma. A forcefield was errected over the opening to prevent escape. A small bunker, sink, and toilet were present in the cell. Commander Andrews sat on the bunk, and looked out into the empty corridor with a concerned expression. His beard had around four days of growth since he last used a laser shaver. A datapad with some electronic books on it sat at the end of the bunk. Commander Andrews picked the datapad up, activated it, and went through the list of e-books stored on the datapad’s computer.

Ten Minutes later, an ACM Security Guard came over to Commander Andrews cell, and deactivated the forcefield.

“Andrews,”He said,”You have an hour in the cafateria. Afterward, you have work detail in the main Cryithium mine.”

Commander Andrews exited his cell, and went over to the cafateria, which was in a connected building to the cell block, and entered. Several hundred ACM prisoners sat at the eight foot long table with trays of food. Commander Andrews joined a line of prisoners from Cell Block Beta, and went down the center of the cafateria .

Meanwhile on Crescent, President Linn entered the executive building's level 20 briefing room which had a tactical display of the Blackanian Galaxy on the 11 foot screen, and was joined by Defense Minister Ferras, State Minister Salian, and the ADFCOSC. An image of ADFCOSC Commander Jonathan Lencon appeared on the Video-Audio Communication Screen

“Mr. President, Deputy President.” Commander Jonathan Lencon said via the Video-Audio Communicator Screen. “I have a proposal for a series of cordinated attacks against Radical BDF spacedocks, and cryithium processing facilities in the Tenth District. I'll have Colonel Jack Forrester lead an allied ADF-BULA Task Force into the Seands astroid fields, and target the spacedocks, and cryithiium processing facilities. Secondly, Six Moderate BDF Combat Assault Groups supported by BULA and other allied Combat Assault Groups will engage the bulk of the Radical BDF Combat Assault Groups, and their support vessels.”

“Very well, Commander.” President Erins said, “You have a go ahead.”

Over on ASC Base Alpha 14-A, Commander Jonathan Lencon deactivated the VACS and proceeded to the officer's clubs where he was joined by Colonel Jack Forrester.

“Colonel, I want you to lead an ADF-BULA Task Force into the Seands astroid field.” Commander Jonathan Lencon said, “Your orders are to target the spacedocks and cryithium processing facilities in the area. The Moderate BDF Combat Assault Groups with the support of BULA and other AGA Combat Assault Groups will keep the Radical BDF preoccupied. Any questions?”

“None sir.” Colonel Jack Forrester answered as he finished his drink, and got up from the table. He picked his case up, headed for the door and stopped halfway there when he realized he forgot something.

“By the way, who do I take on this operation?” Colonel Jack Forester inquired, “And where is our staging area​?”

“You'll be told that when you enter Blackanian space.” Commander Jonathan Lencon answered, “For now this stays between us.”

“Yes sir.” Colonel Jack Forrester replied, “Was there others involved with the organization of BULA?”

“That's need to know, Jack.” Commander Jonathan Lencon responded, “And it applies to you. Okay, back in November of 89,977, the Amdronian Group Alliance Intelligence Corps held a series of undisclosed meetings concerning the organization of pro-moderate Blackanian civilians into an underground proxy organization. During that time on Blackania, High Councilor Seltan met with Councilor Jack Airian to discuss implementing a series of civil reforms favored by three other councilor, unnamed for security purposes if the plan came to light. Blackanian Intelligence happened to have an agent at one such meeting, and he informed the radical leaning Councilors of the plans. An Tarozenian Intelligence Agent was present at the meeting where the Radicals planned the removal of Seltan as High Councilor, and an investigation into those involved in the reforms. AGAIC then decided to sent an operative to Blackania to met with moderate-leaning Blackanians over a several month period. In January of 89,978, I was called to AGAIC Headquarters where I was given details of the plan code-named Operation Traveler. My cover for the mission was detailed as a freelance journalist conducting interviews for a series of news articles. During the next few months, I went to various locations organizing a series of sleeper cells to be activated in a war with the Blackanian Federation. The last two months, I ran across Councilor Abrams who told me High Councilor Seltan had proposed a number of reforms to grant freedom of assembly, and reliegon, hold an election for a 1000 member Senate, who would select a Chancellor from the majority party.”

After a few minutes, Colonel Jack Forrester proceeded to the level 15 docking bay to prep his transport for the as-of-yet-undisclosed operation. A number of mechanical personnel outfitted the transport with transphasic missiles and torpedeoes, while a small engineering crew ran a series of modifications on the primary systems.

After the modifications were completed, Colonel Jack Forrester entered the transport's bridge, took a seat in the command chair, and contacted the AGA Defense Fleet which had assembled on the Blackanian-Tarozenian border.

“This is Colonel Forrester to all allied vessels.” He said into the VACS, “We have received an order from Commander Lencon authorizing an incursion into Blackanian space. “

Over the next few hours, Colonel Jack Forrester's ADF-BULA Combat Assault Task Force crossed into the Seands Astroid field, seperated into Combat Assault Fleets and they begun a series of surgical strikes against a series of cryithium processing installations in a number of large astroids. Several BULA crusiers launched a sortie of ISBM's equipped with transphasic warheads into the RBDF Spacedocks positioned in the astroid field.

During the next seven months, the 3452nd MBDF Combat Assault Group, 30 BULA Combat Assault Groups, and an Amderestan Defense Force Combat Assault Groups launched an orbital assault against several thousand Radical Blackanian Defense Force Communication installations, scanner installations, missile launchers, power facilities, landing platforms, and factories in and around several dozen million metropolitan cities.

On a number of the planets, a large number of moderate Blackanians overan a number of Blackanian Army checkpoints positioned through the major cities, and they attacked a number of Radical Blackanian run stores in the major cities' commerical districts.

After the intensive orbital strike by the MBDF, BULA, and ADF Combat Assault Groups positioned above the planets sent down several dozen Infantry Assault Groups in troop transports to the planets' surface to a series of landing zones on the planets. Afterward, the MBDF, and BULA Infantry Assault Groups unloaded a series of defense force speeders with blaster cannons mounted on them, and they began a series of assaults against RBDF Infantry forces around the major cities. The two sides fought fierce urban campaigns in the major cities for control of the planets.

On August 1, 90,035, the MBDF and BULA forces in the 8th Council District began an intense orbital assaults on several hundred thousand planetary systems over the next five months. A large number of RBDF targets on and around the planets came under attack from the MBDF and BULA Combat Assault Groups positioned in orbit. During this time, a large number of MBDF and BULA Infantry Assault Groups landed on the million planets, and they began series of intense urban engagements against the RBDF Infantry Assault Groups positioned throughout the major cities. Over the next ten months, the two sides fought a series of fierce urban engagements against each other, which damaged a number of buildings in the major cities. A number of medical facilities soon filled up with those injured or killed in the fighting during the engagements. A number of factories in the cities came under attack from MBDF and BULA Aerial Assault Groups, which took control of the planets' airspace from the RBDF.

In November 90,036, the remnant of RBDF forces in the 8th Council District surrendered their outnumbered infantry forces to the MBDF and BULA forces, which began to organize elections for local city governments on the planets, and de facto State Governments under the control of the Blackanian Republic.

Over on Crescent, the Amdronian Group Alliance Ambassadorial Council met with the Defense Force Chiefs of Staff to discuss the status of MBDF and BULA advances into the Blackanian Federation. Over the next several hours, the groups discussed a number of aid packages to the Blackanians in the MBDF-BULA controled areas, which included power and communication generators, medical and food supplies among other things.

Meanwhile on Amderesta 1 ASC-1737-L, Commander Jonathan Lencon sat in his office and looked at the real-time tactical display of the ADF-MBDF Combat Assault Group in the 3rd Council District. He watched as the Allied forces conducted attacks on RBDF cargo convoys that delivered weapons and equipment to RBDF infantry forces on several thousand planets in the area.

Over on Blackania, High Councilor Sevan entered the level 22 conference room, followed six other Councilors, and their aides to discuss the disruptions in the manufacturing industry, due in part to moderate-leaning civilians who refused to support a dictatorial regeime. In response to the economic crisis, High Councilor Sevan issued a decree which placed established martial law in areas controlled by the Blackanian Federation.

RBDF Infantry personnel were given the authority to conduct searches for Blackanians with ties to BULA and MBDF forces, established a curfew for all Blackanian citizens from 1900 to 0700 hours Crescent Time, and authorized seizure of assets for military usage. On several hundred planets, frustrated groups of Blackanians took to the streets in protest of the measures enacted by Sevan. During the next six months, the crowds conducted attacks on RBDF installations throughout the 2nd, 5th, and 6th Council Districts, while a number cryithium miners went on strike in opposition to the RBDF seizure of materials for military uses.

In May 90, 037, the Chiefs of Staff in the AGA Defense Forces met on Crescent with the BRDF, BULA, and MBDF Chiefs of Staff to discuss implementation of a blockade around the Blackanian Federation.

“Gentlemen,” The QDF Chief of Staff said, “There's been a number of strikes orchestrated by cryithium miners, and processors in part to seizures by the RBDF forces in areas under their control. Therefore, I propose the establishment of a total blockade around the Blackanian Federation.”

“ What about the supplying of medical aid to the Blackanian civilians?” The Tarozenian Defense Force Chief of Staff inquired from the next chair over. “Will that continue?”

“We can't assure the medical supplies will make it to the intended desination.” The Branisian Defense Force Chief of Staff Chairman answered.

After several hours, the group decided to authorize a blockade around the Blackanian Federation. Afterward, the various COSCs gave orders to their forces to establish positions on the edge of Blackanian space with authorization to engage vessels that violated the blockade. During the four months, the Moderate Blackanian Defense Force, Blackanian Underground Liberation Army, and Blackanian Republic Defense Force Combat Assault Groups launched a cordinated space-aerial assault against Radical Blackanian Defense Force scanner installations, communication installations, landing platforms, factories, weapon's caches, and other facilities on several hundred thousand planets in the northeast area of the Blackanian Federation.

Afterward, a number of MBDF, BULA, and BRDF Infantry Assault Groups landed on the several hundred thousand planets and they began an intense building-to-building urban campaign against the RBDF Infantry Assault Groups which dug into the major cities, and conducted resistance style attacks against the MBDF-BULA-BRDF forces on the planets over the next 11 months, which damaged or destroyed a number of buildings. The various defense force and civilian medical installations soon filled up with those injured in part to the urban combat. Some were forced to convert empty schools into triage centers, as the number of patients grew to large for them to handle.

In August 90, 039, the Amderestan Defense Force Combat Assault Groups, under the command of Commander Jonathan Lencon supported by Moderate Blackanian Defense Force, Blackanian Underground Liberation Army, and Blackanian Republic Defense Force Combat Assault Groups began a series of orbital assault on Radical Blackanian Defense Force Combat Assault Groups in 1st Council District, while Aerial Assault Groups landed Infantry Assault Groups on the planets to disrupt communication and scanners installations through the major cities. Over the next five weeks, the Allied force overwhelmed the RBDF forces on the planets, who surrendered in large groups as the ADF-MBDF-BULA-BRDF Combat Assault Groups approached Blackania from all sides.

On Amderesta 1 ASC-1737-L, Commander Jonathan Lencon sat on the bridge and looked out at the RBDF vessels assembled near Blackania. He activated the Video-Audio Communicator on the command chair, and gave an order for the fleet to engage the RBDF vessels in orbit of Blackania. The Combat Assault Groups seperated into Combat Assault Battalions, and launched attacks against RBDF vessels in orbit, while a secondary group targeted RBDF installations on the ground.

Back on Amderesta 1 ASC-1737-L, Commander Jonathan Lencon entered his office followed by his brother General William Lencon.

“I'm going down there to convince Sevan to surrender.” Commander Jonathan Lencon said to his younger brother.

“What makes you think he'll listen to you?” General William Lencon asked his brother, who was dressed in civilian clothing.

“ I know Sevan.” Jonathan replied, as he exited the bridge, and went down the bridge access corridor to the midship corridor, went up the central corridor to the docking bay, and boarded Command Shuttle Alpha-C, which broadcasted a RBDF transponder signal.

“Commander.” Colonel Jack Forrester said as Jonathan raised the landing ramp. “Your taking a risk by sending a RBDF signal.”

“It's better than getting shot down by RBDF SAM launchers.” Commander Jonathan Lencon responded.

He entered the bridge, and went through the various pre-flight checks before he contacted traffic control for clearance.

“A1TC, this CSA.” Commander Jonathan Lencon said into the Video-Audio Communicator Screen. “Request clearance for launch, over.”

“CSA, this is A1TC.” A Traffic Control Officer responded. “You're clear to launch.”

Commander Jonathan Lencon released the docking clamps, and flew the shuttle out of Amderesta 1's level one docking bay. He activated the port thruster, which put the shuttle on route toward Blackania City. Jonathan entered the atmosphere, and decreased altitude to 900 feet. A number of damaged or destroyed buildings were visible from the shuttle, and small pockets of Blackanian civilians ventured through the remains of various buildings. After a few minutes, he found somewhere to land and he exited the shuttle. Commander Jonathan Lencon proceeded down Blackania City's main street, which had scattered debris from nearby building's damaged from recent fighting to the High Council Building. A place he'd been years earlier, and went inside.

“Sir, I need to see your identification card.” A RBDF Colonel told Jonathan.

“Very well.” Commander Jonathan Lencon repiled.

He reached into his tunic and removed an identification card from the pocket and gave it to the Colonel.

“You should be in the bunkers.” The RBDF Colonel said.

“I have a meeting with Sevan.” Commander Jonathan Lencon answered. “If you let me proceed, I can bring this war to an end.”

“What makes you think you can.” The RBDF Colonel inquired.

“Your blaster, hand it over.” Commander Jonathan Lencon told the Colonel, who was reluctant at first. “And your VACS, quickly.”

“What is this?” The BRDF Colonel inquired only to find the end of his blaster pressed against his ribs.

“Move it.” Commander Jonathan Lencon said, as he forced the The BRDF Colonel to the elevator, went inside and took it up to the 20th floors. After the two of them exited the elevator, a MBDF attack destroyed a nearby power generator, which plunged the building into darkness. Jonathan activated a small protable light source, and used it to find their way to the Council Room.

“Lencon, I know the reason you're here.” High Councilor Sevan said from the corner of the room.

“Tell me, Sevan.” Commander Jonathan Lencon answered.

“You here to convince me to surrender to you, am I right.” High Councilor Sevan said to Jonathan.

“Sevan, just look around. Your infrastructure has been mostly destroyed from our attacks. You already know we've took our your power generator.” Colonel Jonathan Lencon responded, “I am sure the civilians are getting tired of living in underground shelters. You can't possibly hope to continue this for long.”

Commander Jonathan Lencon released his hold on the BRDF Colonel, and escorted High Councilor Sevan out to the attached blacony which overlooked a wide area.

“Look around, Sevan.” Commander Jonathan Lencon said, “The people are tired of this war, and want it to end. For their sake, tell your forces to surrender. You're backed into a corner with no way out. Sevan, you know I'm right.”

“Lencon,” High Councilor Sevan responded, “Tell your forces to cease fire, I'll tell mine to do the same.”

Commander Jonathan activated his Video-Audio Communication Screen, and sent a message to the AGA vessels in orbit of Blackania with an order for them to cease fire. After a few minutes, MBDF, BULA, and BRDF Infantry Assault Groups began to land forces on Blackania, and they established a series of checkpoints in the major cities, which had various amounts of damage from the recent fighting.

Over the next few days, the AGA delegates met with representatives from the interim Blackanian Government, and the Blackanian High Council to discuss peace terms, among which included payment of reperations to the Amdronian Group Alliance, the dentention of senior RBDF Commanders for war crimes, and the remove of the blockade currently in place to allow humanitarian aid to come into the Blackanian civilians.

Throughout the Tarozenian Republic, Lencheni Republic, Quineunin Republic, Rylon-Tylonian Republic, Parisian Repuublic, Quaneunian Republic, Dancalian Republic, and Chorane Republic, the latter of which begun recovery from their invasion and occupation by the EAFDF, as in the western galaxies, ADF Engineering personnel began to clear away rubble from the large number of buildings damaged in fierce urban combat. A large number of temporary shelters were set up by AGA forces around the larger cities, while medical personnel began to set up triage facilities to service those affected by the war.

Over in the Blackanian Galaxy, the Blackanian Republic Government-in-Exile who established sovreignity over the area, met to discuss the mergering of the MBDF, and BULA into the BRDF. While in a nearby room, the peace delegation sat around a table with the finalized peace treaty contained on a 7 by 4” datapad. Each of the various envoys signed his name to the document, as it went around the table.

“The state of war between us is over,” Former High Councilor Sevan said to the AGA reprentatives in the room. “Myself and my colleagues are willing to accept what charges you see fit to implement. “

“What happens to the alliance, since the federation no longer exists.” The Tarozenian Envoy commented.

“Well,” The Amderestan Envoy answered, “It looks like we're moving toward the establishment of a intergalactic government. “

Each of the envoys got up from the table and joined the crowd gathered in a nearby room, with the senior members of the AGAAC.

The End

Amderesta: The 4th Repubic #10. Post-War Aftermath

Over on Crescent, President Gersan, and Deputy President Jurasin, who were recently sworn in by the Chief Judge sat in the executive building's briefing room with the cabinet ministers to discuss the repeal of the 90,002 Conscription Act passed by Former President Jonathan Tenlon.

“Nobody's in any position to attack anyone.” Defense Minister Derren commented to the others seated around the table.

“I agree, Derren.” President Jurisan responded, “We could still face internal conflicts with the TLA, SLA, and PLA.”

Several minutes later on ASC Base Alpha 14-A, Commander Jonathan Lencon sat in his quarters with his wife Colonel Gabrielle Anderson-Lencon, who came in exhausted after a 18 hour duty shift in sickbay, and activated the Video-Audio Communication Screen.

An image of their daughter, Lori Amber Lencon appeared on the 22 inch screen. Now in her early 30's, she was involved with a private medical relief agency based on Antorian Four.

“Hello Dad.” Lori Amber Lencon said, “How's things over there on Reyen?”

“Quiet since the war ended.” Commander Jonathan Lencon answered, “The President has concerns with a possible uprising by the SLA, TLA, and PLA.”

“I've ran into Airian a few times on Blackania.” Lori Amber Lencon said, “He told me the story of how you two met in Errens' Cafe in the commerical district.”

“What did Jack say?” Commander Jonathan Lencon inquired.

“He told me you came in with video recorder, sat down at a corner table and began working on a new article.” Lori Amber Lencon said, “You looked up from your datapad to find Jack seated at a nearby table. After a minute of hesitation, he came over and inquired what you were working on.”

“I told him had an article to summit to the next day's electronic paper.” Commander Jonathan Lencon continued, “He responded by inquiring if they was some place we could talk. The two of us got up, and went in the back where he told me himself, Seltan, and two other Councilors, and told they aforementioned group was supportive of democractic reforms.”

“I assume the State of Emergency in effect since Operation Revelation has been extended with the possibility of civil uprisings.” Lori Amber Lencon inquired.

“It has.” Commander Jonathan Lencon responded.

Over on Swearia, a number of Swearian Liberation Army operatives positioned themselves next to a civilian speeder, and fired several shots toward an ADF checkpoint manned by an IAP. Several seconds later, a small charge was detonated near the checkpoint, which killed everyone nearby.

At Swearia ASC Medical Center's Barracks, which housed the medical personnel and their dependents came under from SLA unit, which fired a number of missiles into the complex.

In a 20th level apartment, Commander Wilson, the Chief Medical Officer noticed his five year old twin son and daughter near the windows that the SLA position.

“Mark, Lisa, get away from there!” Commander Wilson said, “Right now!”

The two looked back at the father, and went over to the couch, as the two windows were blown out from a nearby explosion.

“Head down the stairwell to the underground shelter.” Commander Wilson told Mark and Lisa, as he threw them each a duffel bag. “I have to get to the medical center.”

Mark and Lisa Wilson exited the barracks, and made their way down several stairwells to the underground shelter where a number of ADF dependents had gathered. Commander Wilson, however, exited through a rear exit, hopped in his gamma class speeder and headed over to Swearia ASC Medical Center.

“I want everyone armed.” Commander Wilson told a number of ASC Medical Officers and enlisted personnel, as he entered the main lobby. “SLA's has opened fire on the barracks.”

Commander Wilson made his way to his office, where he activated the Video-Audio Communication Screen, and contacted Region Governor Lissan to inform him of the SLA attacks.

“Commander.” Region Governor Lissan responded, “A number of Adminstrative District Governors have been reporting a number of SLA attacks on ADF installations.”

“You think this is an uprising.” Commander Wilson inquired.

Meanwhile on Taronia, Amanda Forrester made her way down Taronia City's main street with her older twin brother and sister, who were currently assigned to Taronia ASC Medical Center. The three Forrester's entered a small cafe and made their way inside. Sydney, John-Jack and Amanda sat down at a small table with the datapads, and ordered three cups of coffee.

“We just signed a peace treaty with Sevan.” Amanda Forrester commented, “And now there's reports of engagements against ADF forces by TLA, and SLA operatives.”

“The Region Governors are asking the President to declare a State of Emergency, and activate the Reserves.” An ADF Security Officer seated at a neaby table responded.

“Correct me if I'm wrong.” Amanda Forrester inquired, “Haven't we be under a State of Emergency since Operation Revelation?”

“Longer.” The ADF Security Officer repiled, “It started with the AARDF cease fire violations in the 89,970's, was extended to the PLA riots and uprising in 89,980 and 81, from 89,984 through 95 due to the third AAR-3rd Republic War, Operation Revelation at that time, the SWLA rebellion, draft riots and PLA riots in 90,002-04, the Yenturian occupation-”

“We were here for that.” Retired Captain Sydney Forrester responded.

Meanwhile on ASC Base Alpha 14-A, Colonel Jack Forrester sat in his quarters with a VACS and contacted three of children, who resided in Taronia City. After a short pause, Sydney's, John-Jack's and Amanda's images appeared on the screen.”

“Hello, Dad.” The three Forrester said to their father.

“I've been busy here since the war ended.” Colonel Jack Forrester responded, “Commander Lencon has been debriefing me on operations conducted during the war.”

“That's need-to-know.” Amanda Forrester told her father. “We won't ask anything on that subject.”

“That's good to hear.” Colonel Jack Forrester responded, “I've heard mentions of an uprising comprising the SLA, and TLA.”

Several hours later on Crescent, the 200 member Amderestan Senate met in a emergency session to discuss a response to the Tourist Liberation Army, and Swearian Liberation Army attacks. Deputy President Jassin who sat in the speaker's chair called the body to order.

“Mr. Speaker,” Senator Willson, the Amderestan Conversative Senator, who currently served as Chief Senator said after he was recognized. “Our forces in the Tourist and Swearia Regions have come under armed attack over the past few hours. This is a clear attack of aggression against the 4th Amderestan Republic. Therefore, I propose authorization to conduct operations against the SLA, and TLA.”

“Mr. Speaker,” Region Senator Plantin responded to Senator Willson's comment. “I agree with the assessment by my colleague. I also favor commencement of operations under provisions of the Emergencies Act.”

“Mr. Speaker.” Amderestan Conservative Senator Killan said, “I propose a motion to end debate, and vote authorizing military action against SLA and TLA factions.”

“Is there a second?” Deputy President Jurisan inquired.

“I second the motion.” Senator Trenlin answered from the opposition side.

Over the next several minutes, the 200 Region and Administrative District Senators voted to either support or oppose authorization of ADF operations in the Swearia and Tourist Regions under provision of the Emergencies Act, and Article 1, Section 9 of the 4th Republic constitution which authorized the President to deploy ADF forces inside the 4th Republic.

After the votes were counted, Deputy President Jurrasin announced a 101 to 99 vote favor of ADF operations against the SLA and TLA, and he sent the authorization over to President Gersan's office for his signature.

An hour or so later in the executive building, President Gersan signed the legislation that authorized use of ADF force inside the Tourist and Swearia Regions, and called gave a statement through his press secretary that detailed the deployment of ADFCAGs to the area with orders to remove rebel forces from those areas.

Over the next few weeks, 24 Amderestan Defense Force Combat Assault Groups conducted a number of orbital attacks on SLA installations throughout the Jurrins Sectors, Lonnis Sectors, and Lonnbis Sectors, an area which consisted of 700,000 planetary systems. While in the major cities, Amderestan Defense Force Infantry Assault Groups fought a number of street-to-street engagements against SLA forces which damaged or destroyed a large number of buildings.

Meanwhile on ASC Base Alpha 14-A, Commander Jonathan Lencon sat in his office on the 22nd level with a stack of datapad's from the base's chief officers, and read over them. After several minutes, he got up from behind the desk and proceeded into Command and Control.

Over on Crescent, the Blackanian Ambassador, who sat in his office in the Blackanian Embassy, which faced the west side of the Tarozenian Embassy, and read over several datapads from the war crimes tribunal set by the Amdronian Group Alliance to try the Radical Blackanian Defense Force Chiefs of Staff, and four Seven Blackanian Councilors. The group was detained in a undisclosed detention facility in wait for their tribunal.

Former High Councilor Sevan sat in a small six by six foot cell with a tray of food on his lap, and ate. Outside the cell, an ADF Security Officer armed with a blaster rifle came over to the forcefield.

“Sevan, the tribunal's starting to talk to people concerning what took place in the war.” A Defense Advocate commented, as he approached his client's cell.

“You can't fight this.” Former High Councilor Sevan responded, “The Alliance doesn't need a tribunal, we're guilty already.”

“Just tell them your officers were following orders.” Sevan's Defense Advocate said.

“That never works.” Sevan answered, “The Ranchanian High Council tried that, and they ended up in front of a firing sqaud, as we will.”

“It will take several years to get you in front of a tribunal, Sevan.” Sevan's Defense Advocate said, “I'll be in a few days.”

Over in the Tourist Region, several Amderestan Defense Force Combat Assault Groups targeted a large number of Tourist Liberation Army bases positioned throughout the Jureens Sectors, which destroyed a number of scanner installations, communication installations, landing platforms, and other TLA installations on several hundred thousand planets.

On the Jereens Sectors' Administrative District captial, a number of Amderestan Defense Force Reserve Infantry Assault Groups established a series of checkpoints throughout the planet's major cities, as several TLA units clashed with the ADF forces deployed in the cities.

On June 30, 90,041, Tourist Region Governor Dessin, and several of his aides sat in the governor's residence with Tourist Region Field Commander James Talon to discuss the situtation in the northern region districts which had the most number of TLA attacks. The five officals sat around Dessin's small coffee table with several datapads.

“Maybe we should increase the number of checkpoints in the cities, and possibly restrict gatherings?” Field Commander James Talon suggested to Governor Dessin, who watched as a pro-TLA crowd slowly grew outside the building.

“What about the consitution?” Governor Dessin responded with concern.

“We're under a State of Emergency, which gives us the right to restrict civil liberties.” Field Commander James Talon commented, “The TLA has been targeting several numbers of people supportive of the ADF. Medical Center's have come under increased attacks by TLA forces, and the ADF medical personnel have requested a increased security presence.”

“I agree with Talon.” Governor Talon's wife responded as she entered the living area with their five year old twins. “It's kind of hard to treat people when the medical center's getting fired on.”

“Shouldn't you and the kids be down in the bunker?” Governor James Talon asked his wife.

“James,” Lisa Talon responded, “I don't entend to spend the next few weeks, or months in the bunker.”

Outside the Governor's Residence, the pro-TLA crowd held back by ADF Security Personnel threw a number of flares into several windows.

“See?” Governor Dessin said. He forced his five-year-old twins to the floor as a flare broke the nearby window, and scattered glass throughout the room.

“Lucy, Alice.” Governor Dessin told his daughters, “Stay in your bedrooms.”

During the next several days, the ADF Security Officers on Tourist increased the number of dententions of TLA loyalists, as a number of government buildings were targeted by demonstrators, and several hundred people were injuried or killed.

On a number of nearby planets, ADF Infantry Assault Groups fought a series of sometimes intense, building-to-building conflict with Tourist Liberation Army operatives, which damaged a number of civilian apartment complexes, as the TLA used civilian targets to attack ADF forces. Over the next 24 weeks, Amderestan Defense Force Infantry Assault Groups in the Northwest Tourist Region District conduct a number of attacks on Tourist Liberation Army installations scattered throughout the area, which damaged or destroyed a number of buildings, as the ADF regained control of major cities from the Tourist Liberation Army.

In the Northwest Tourist Region District, the Amderestan Defense Force Infantry Assault Groups on several million planets conducted a number of raids against Tourist Liberation Army bases, scanner, and communication installations, weapon's caches, and other target over the next eight months. A large number of pro-TLA loyalists were detained by ADF Security Force personnel deployed in the major cities, along with Amderestan Civilian Security Force personnel to enforce the State of Emergency imposed by President Gersan. A number of landing platforms, and anti-grav planetary transport platforms were seized by ADF Infantry Assault Groups, which was used to support the join ADFIAG-ACSF Security Forces on the planets.

In August of 90,042, Amderestan Defense Force Infantry, Aerial, and Combat Assault Groups launched a number of condinated attacks on Swearian Liberation Army installations scattered throughout the Northwest Swearia Region District over the next few weeks, which damaged a number of buildings as the two sides fought a intense urban enagements in the major metropolitan cities, and the ADF-ASCSF personnel slowly regained control from the Swearian Liberation Army.

On several million planets, ADF Security Force and Amderestan Civilian Security Force personnel set up a number of checkpoints throughout the metropolitan cities, and the conducted a number of searches for Swearian Liberation Army supporters, as they were concerned with the posibility of riots. Large crowds of people were prohibited under the State of Emergency, which disgruntled some people.

Meanwhile on Taronia, Amanda Forrester sat in her apartment with the Video Reception Screen tuned to ARNN Taronia, which broadcasted ongoing coverage of the SLA, and TLA uprisings. After several minutes, Sydney and John-Jack entered their younger sister's apartment.

“Make youselves at home.” Amanda Forrester told her older siblings, who took the couch. “Is there are chance the uprisings are influenced by the AUO?”

“Of course, they're involved.” Sydney Forrester answered her sister. She activated her datapad, connected it to the Amderestan Data And Information Service, and read a number of articles that pertained to the uprisings.

“I'm surprised the Parisian Liberation Army hasn't decided to start another uprising?” Amanda Forrester inquired, as she tuned to a pool tourtament.

Over on Crescent, the 236 Region and Administrative District Senators met in the Senate Chamber to discuss the extension of the State of Emergency in response to the Tourist Liberation Army, and Swearian Liberation Army uprisings. The ban on public transportation due to various urban engagements was extended for another two years, along with the deployment of ADF Combat forces in the Swearia and Tourist Regions.

Afterward, Deputy President Jurisan adjourned the Senate session, exited the Senate Chamber, and made his way to the subterrian tunnel, which took him to the executive building. He entered the elevator on the ground floor, and took it up to the 20th level where he was met by his eight-year-old daughter.

“How's work?” Alice Jurisan asked her father as the two of them entered their residence, sat down on the couch.

“Have any homework you need to complete?” Deputy President Jurisan repiled in response.

“Yes, I do.” Alice Jurisan told her father, as she activated her datapad, and began to work on her homework assignment.

Deputy President Jurisan sat with a stack of datapads that had information which concerned the ADF operations in the Swearia, and Tourist Regions. He read over a number of status reports from the ADFCOS that detailed the current status. The reports from a number of ADF Combat Assault Group Commanders detailed a number of intense engagements in the Central Swearia Regions.

“Dad, I heard something concerning the implementation of price controls by the Commerce Ministry inpart to the inflation.” Alice Jurisan said.

“Yes, Alice.” Deputy President Jurisan responded, “The Commerce Minister has imposed price controls on food, medical supplies, and materials destined to the other governments in the Alliance.”

He sat his sat of datapads down on the coffee table, picked up his Video-Audio Communication Screen and contacted Chief Senator Trillian who sat in his office with the Opposition Leader, Senator Jurinn, and his image appeared on the screen.

“Jurisan,” Chief Senator Trillian said, “What makes you call at this hour?”

“Well, James.” Deputy President Jurisan answered, “I was just looking over status reports from the Field Commanders.”

“Is Alice there?” Chief Senator Trillian inquired.

“Alice,” Deputy President Jurisan told his daughter, who looked over at him, “Senator Trillian wants to talk to you.”

“Senator,” Alice Jurisan said into her father's VACS. “May I ask you a question?”

“Go ahead.” Chief Senator Trillian responded

“Is there any way I can obtain information on Operation Traveler?” Alice Jurisan inquired.

“I don't know.” Chief Senator Trillian repiled, “Even I don't have access to that information, but there is someone who might.”

“Tell me.” Alice Jurisan answered.

“Commander Jonathan Lencon is the most likely choice.” Chief Senator Trillian commented. “Can you put your father back on?”

Alice handed the Video-Audio Communication Screen over to her father, and she resumed her various homework assignments, as her father went into his bedroom. Alice activated the Video Reception Screen, tuned it to ARNN Crescent and image of ARNN Anchor Andrew Talisan appeared onscreen.

“I'm reporting outside of Swearia City where a number of Swearian Liberation Army personnel are engaged in an intense firefight in the commerical district.” ARNN Anchor Andrew Talisan said, “Over to my right.” The ARNN Cameraman panned to his right. “A number of ADF Infantry Assault Patrols have set up a number of defensive positions near an office building, and there are reports of RPC attacks nearby. “

A nearby building was impacted by an SLA RPC which ripped through serveral of the upper floors, and damaged or destroyed a number of offices.

“A number of offices in a nearby building have received damage from a Rocket Propelled Charge, and a number of people have been taken to nearby medical centers for treatment.” ARNN Anchor Andrew Talisan continued. “We join our Correspondent, Mark Anlain on Atorsia Seven, who gives a report on ADF operations.”

The image on the Video Reception Screen changed to show an image of ARNN Correspondent Mark Anlain, donned in a blaster jacket and helmet.

“Thank you, Andrew.” ARNN Correspondent Mark Anlain responded, “For the last several hours, the 4567th Amderestan Army Infantry Assault Divisions has been engaged in an intense building-to-building engagement against the Swearian Liberation Army. A number of buildings here in the residental district have damaged or destroyed, and a number of civilians are reported to be wounded. We've had a few close calls while ago, as a number of charges landed near our position, forcing us to take cover.”

“Everyone in your party alright?” ARNN Andrew Talisan inquired via Anlain's VACS

“For the most part.” ARNN Correspondent Mark Anlain answered, “We've moved from our original location, as it has come under intense SLA attacks to an area outside of the ADF Barracks near Atorsia Seven ASC Medical Center. This is Mark Anlain, ARNN Crescent reporting on Atorsia Seven.”

After a momentary pause, the ARNN feed switched over to ARNN Crescent's main studio in Crescent City, where ARNN Anchor James Wilson sat at the anchor's desk. “We go now to the AGAIC where the AGAIC chairman joins us for a press conference.

The image onscreen changed to the front of AGAIC headquarters, where AGAIC Chairman Luke Tandias stood behind a podium, and a group of reporters from various news agencies sat in a number of chairs assembled in front of the building.

“Ladies and genltlemen.” AGAIC Chairman Luke Tandias said, “I've called this press conference to detail the declassification of Operation Traveler, and related operations conducted by AGAIC from 89,978-89, 981. Due to safety concerns for members of the current Blackanian government, a decision was made to classify the existence of the Operation. Any and all materials pertaining to Operation Traveler will be published in the public record.”

“Mr. Chairman.” A Reporter responded, “Mark Jurerins, CRNN. What compeled you to declassify Operation Traveler after all these years?”

“Well.” AGAIC Chairman Luke Tandias answered, “For one, the Blackanian Federation is no longer in exsistence, which was the reason for the classification as I have mentioned beforehand. Secondly, the parties involved with the operation have been contacted in regard to Operation Traveler. I met with Commander Jonathan Lencon on Reyen last week where we discussed the possibility of declassifying Operation Traveler. After a series of meetings, the two of us decided to release the details of Traveler to the general public.”

“Alice Hunnins, ARNN Reyen.” A female reporter said, “Can you confirm or deny a number of reports that Operation Traveler was leaked to several people in Commander Lencon's family?”

“That I can not.” AGAIC Chairman Luke Tandias repiled, “You have to ask Commander Lencon about that. Any other questions?”

After a momentary pause, the various reporters rose from their seats and returned to their local offices in Crescent City, as the ARNN feed returned to the main studio.

“AGAIC has just announced they're declassifying Operation Traveler.” Alice Jurisan told her father as he joined her on the couch.

“I could hear the VRS in back.” Deputy President Jurisan answered.

“Is it okay if some of my friends sleep over?” Alice Jurisan inquired of her father.

“I guess you can.” Deputy President Jurisan repiled. “I have some briefings with the Cabinet which is a matter of national security.”

“The uprisings?” Alice Jurisan inquired, which prompted a stern look from her father.

A little while later, the Computer Access Terminal Screen in the Deputy President's Residence activated and a message appeared on the screen.

It read: From: ADFCOSC


STATUS: Operation Northern Engagement

The following information contained in the following message is classified under provisions of the Amderestan National Intelliegence Act. Any authorized access is subject to atleast 50 years in prison, or a fine of 750,000 Amderestan Credits.

Attached to this message are the following: ADFSRC Combat Status Report, Authorization Alpha Priority One, ADFTRFC, Authorization Alpha Priority.

Select 1 or 2 to view aforementioned files

Deputy President Jurisan selected number one which brought up another window that read:

Amderestan Defense Force Swearia Region Field Command

Combat Status Report, TOP SECRECT

If copies of this file falls into unauthorized hands, destroy by any means necessary.

From: ADFSRFC Commander Rennin

To: ADFCOSC Commander Gersan

Subject: Status of Operation Northern Engagement

Over the last several weeks, Amderestan Defense Force Combat, Aerial, and Infantry Assault Groups deployed inside the Tourist and Swearia Region have been engaged with elements of the Swearian Liberation Army, and Tourist Liberation Army. A number of unit commanders have reported the use of civilian structures by hostile forces to attack ADF Infantry Assault Groups, and have suggested Presidental Authorization to target such facilities.

Forward this message to DEPOFAR along with ADFTRFC COS

The CATS deactivated and a message that detailed the deletion of the transmission appeared on screen, followed by another message which informed him of the file's removal. Afterward, Alice came over to the Computer Access Terminal Screen, which had a menu based interface displayed on screen. She sat in front of the screen, and selected a graphical based simulator game from a list on screen, and it presented a selection menu.

To start a new game press (A)

To Load a saved game press (B)

To Exit Game, press (E)

Alice Jurisan pressed the A button which brought up another selection menu

Please Type Name For Player One:

Alice typed her name into the text box, brought up another message.

Welcome Alice, please select your character from the following.

The CATS displayed a list of characters in a series of columns on the screen, and Alice selected an ADF Commander from the list.

Another Prompt appeared: Select size of your Combat Assault Unit.

Combat Assault Patrol (A)

Combat Assault Fleet (B)

Combat Assault Task Force C

Combat Assault Battalion (D)

Combat Assault Division (E)

Combat Assault Corps (F)

Combat Assault Army (G)

Combat Assault Force (H)

Combat Assault Group (I )

Alice pressed I on the keyboard which brought up another prompt on screen

Select Your CAG's home base.

Alice typed ASC Base Alpha 14-A into the selection box, and a message appeared on screen


Perplexed by the message, Alice typed a response.

How did you access this terminal?

The screen displayed

Same way everyone does

Alice typed.

What does that mean?

After a pause, the CATS displayed, I happened upon your terminal. Are you Amderestan?

Yes, Alice typed in response, What ethinicity are you?

Sarian, The CATS displayed, We've been watching your progress with concern.

Why? Alice typed on screen

Your Governments consider us a possible threat. The CATS displayed. Like you, we prioritize the safety of our citzens.

We are in no shape to attack you. Alice typed, Most of our forces are involved in humanitarian efforts to those affected by the war.

That could change. The CATS displayed, We could be already among you.

How? Alice typed, What do you look like?

We can mimick any ethinic group. The CATS displayed.

“Dad, come here.” Alice Jurisan said to her father, who went over to the CATS and noticed the message on screen.

“Ask the Sarian if he or she can communicate via the Video-Audio Communication Screen?” Deputy President Jurisan responded.

Of course I can communicate via VACS. The CATS displayed on screen. You're surprised.

Which one of us do you mean? Alice typed on the CATS.

Your father, standing to your right. The CATS displayed.

“Alice, let me reply.” Deputy President Jurisan said to Alice.

How do you know where I am, and what my expressions are? Deputy President Jurisan typed.

You have a holo-projector nearby? The CATS displayed. I can show you how.

The lighting in the Jurisan's Residence dimmed partly, as the floor mounted holo-projector activated and displayed the image of a small room with a 40 year old male seated at a CATS.

Can you see us the same way? Alice Jurisan typed into the CATS.

You know that answer, Alice. The Male Sarian typed on screen.

Several days later, Commander Jonathan Lencon walked down Reyen City's main street dressed in civilian clothing, as his granddaughter, Alice Lencon came up from the subterrian platform.

“Your dad with you?” He asked of Andrew.

“He was behind me.” Alice Lencon told Jonathan. “I read sometime about Operation Traveler being declassified.”

“All right, Alice.” Commander Jonathan Lencon told his granddaughter. “I guess I can tell you.”

Back in 89,978, Lt. Commander Jonathan Lencon entered AGAIC's main headquarters escorted by two AGAIC operatives. The three went down a side corridor lined with various offices, and entered an office occupied by the AGAIC Chairman.

“You may go.” The AGAIC Chairman said to the operatives. “Lencon, have a seat.”

Lt. Commander Jonathan Lencon took the chair positioned in front of the AGAIC Chairman's desk. “Any reason you called me here?”

“I'll be getting to that.” The AGAIC Chairman answered, “Our sources in the Blackanian Federation have monitered a situtation concerning popular dissent. We need some to meet with the Blackanian people, organize them into small cells.”

“You mean a proxy force?” Lt. Commander Jonathan Lencon inquired of the chairman.

“You've been given a cover as an independent journalist on assignment in the Blackanian Federation.” The AGAIC Chairman responded, “Your assignment is to simply meet with ordinary Blackanian civilians, under the guise of interviewing them for a news article, and set up various resistance cells.”

“I'm no journalist.” Lieutenant Commander Jonathan Lencon said.

“You're going to be.” The AGAIC Chairman answered, as he handed a Blackanian indentification card and VACS to Jonathan. “From now on, you'll be known as Mark Herris, a 20 year old Blackanian residing in the 5th Council District. What I have told you doesn't leave this room.”

“Understood.” Jonathan said, “When do leave?”

“I'll notify you concerning that information.” The AGAIC Chairman repiled, “You can't tell anyone in your family about this.”

Lt. Commander Jonathan Lencon exited the AGAIC Chairman's office, made his way to the main lobby,

where he made made his way over to a Blackanian clothing store. He entered the store to find a number of empty racks, some of which had various articles of clothing on them, and was met by another AGAIC operative.

“Ah, yes.” The Operative said, “You need a change of wardrobe?”

“That's why I'm here.” Lt. Commander Lencon repiled.

“The store is a front, as you can tell.” The Operative told Jonathan as he went into the back, opened a subterrian access hidden by a CATS, and entered an underground bunker beneath the store. “I've been briefied by the chairman concerning the nature of your assignment. Everything here has been aquired for your use.”

“Okay.” Lieutenant Commander Jonathan answered, “As we're concerned, this meeting never took place.”

He exited the Blackanian clothing store, made his way over to a nearby transport, marked as a diplomatic transport. Jonathan went inside the passenger section, which was lined with a number of seats.

Meanwhile in a nearby seat, An ASCIC Officer seated with a video recorder looked over at him.

“How did you manage to get an assignment inside the Blackanian Federation?” The ASCIC Officer inquired of Jonathan.

“I'm not at liberty to discuss details of my assignment.” Lt. Commander Jonathan Lencon answered, as he caught a few hours of sleep.

Back in the present, Commander Jonathan Lencon recounted his transfer to another unmarked transport, which took him to a small planet in the 5th Council District.

“Do you think there will be a war with the Sarians?” Alice Lencon inquired, changing the subject.

“I'm afraid we're be drawn toward a war with the Sarians?” Commander Jonathan Lencon told his granddaughter.

“By the AUO.” Alice Lencon commented as the two of them entered a resturant.

Meanwhile at the Blackanian War Crimes Tribunal, Former High Counciler Sevan sat in a blaster proof encloser, as the multi-national member judical panel detailed the various charges against him, the other Radical Councilors, RBDF Chiefs of Staff, and Occupational Field Commanders. After the charges were read, Sevan was instructed to give a plea.

“Sevan, If you plea guilty they'll execute you.” Sevan's Advocate whispered in his ear.

“You don't a chance!” Former High Councilor Sevan responded in a whisper.

“James Sevan, you have been charged with violations of the Crescent Convention, pertaining to the following: using civilian installations to attack members of Allied Defense Forces, rounding up and detaining moderate leaning Blackanian citizens, and holding them in conditions in violation of Convention, providing for the fair and ethical treatment of Prisoners of War, seizure of food and medical aid destined to Blackanian civilians, use of forced labor by imprisoned moderate Blackanians leading to death.” The Senior Judge told Sevan, who composed himself and over the small group of people that were given a subpoena.

“Your Honors, I plea guilty to all charges.” James Sevan responded in remorseful tone. “I'm willing to accept the fate you've set for myself. I know my apologies here won't bring back your loved ones killed by my hands.”

James Sevan broke down and quietly sobbed into his hands, as his defense advocate reached over only to be pushed away. “Find yourself a new client.” He told the advocate, who was taken aback.

“This is tribunal is recess until 0900 hours on August 22nd.” The Chief Judge said, “James Sevan, you'll returned to custody pending your sentencing.”

Two Amderestan Defense Force Security Officers deactivated the forcefield around Sevan, handcuffed his wrists in front, and escorted him to a tunnel which took back to the detention facilty.

“I hope you affairs are in order.” The ADF Security Officer said.

Over in the Executive Building, Deputy President Jurisan convened a special session of the Senate to discuss the harasment of ADF Combat Assault Groups that operated near the Sarian border, and a possible response.

“Members of the Senate.” Deputy President Jurisan said to the 236 Senators assembled in the legislative chamber. “The Sarian Federation has crossed into our space and fired upon a number of ADF vessels without provocation. Therefore, a State of War in exsistence between the 4th Amderestan Republic and Sarian Federation. ADF Installations in the Compassian Territory, and EAF Territory have been placed under Code One Tactical Alert by the President, and civilian passenger transport services in the two territories have been suspended in part to SDF Intergalactic balistic missile attacks. Therefore, I'm asking for a declaration of war against the Sarian Federation.”

Afterward, one of the Compassian Senators was recognized by Deputy President Jurisan, and he detailed his support of a declaration of war, along other Senators in the majority. After a number of Senators debated their positions on a declaration of war, the Amderestan Senate voted in a 3/4th majority to declare war on the Sarian Federation.

Several hours later in the president's office, President Gersan met with a number of his advisors to discuss the situtation with the Sarian Federation, as a number of SDF Combat Assault Groups were targeted by Amderestan Defense Force Combat Assault Groups deployed in the extra-territorial jurisdiction zone.

“We should redeploy a number of our ADF forces from the northern group to the Compassian Territory, and EAF Territory, considering the tensions developing between us and the Sarians.” Gersan's Senior Advisor said.

“It will take a while to move that many personnel and equipment from the northern group territories to the EAF and Compassian Territories.” Amderestan Defense Minister Will Transin responded to the group walking in the room.

“Transin, our reserve forces have been on activate status for a number of years, and I'm sure they're tried of being deployed to multiple tours of duty.” Gersan's Senior Advisor responded.

Meanwhile on Taronia, Colonel Jack Forrester made his way through Taronia City's dense traffic to the ADF barracks, as a number of number of people comuted to their jobs. He stopped his speeder on the edge of the road, got out and made his way over to the ADF checkpoint.

“Morning, Colonel.” An ADF Security Officer said to Jack as he approached. “I need to see your identification card.”

“Very well.” Colonel Jack Forrester repiled as he retrieved his identification card, and handed it over to the ADF Security Officer.

“Your daughter's expecting you.” The ADF Security Officer said as he opened the gate, and waived Jack through.

Colonel Jack Forrester entered the ADF barracks via the main entrance, made his way to a nearby elevator which took him up to the 15th floor. He exited the elevator and proceeded down a number of corridors.

“Hello, Dad.” Sydney Forrester told her father, “The Security Officer tell you I was expecting you?”

“Yes, he did.” Colonel Jack Forrester told his youngest daughter.

The two of them entered Sydney's barracks, took the couch, and the the VRS to ARNN Taronia which had an ongoing broadcast of the Sarian threat.

“Do you think Seltan wanted to end hostilties between our two sides because of the threat exhibited by the Sarians?” Sydney Forrester asked her father.

“Seltan had begun talks with the Analkian Republic, concerning the threat posed by the Sarians.” Colonel Jack Forrester repiled.

“The door opened a while later, as Lisa Velans entered the room, and took a seat in a nearby chair.

“Hello guys.” She told her father-in-law, and sister-in-law, as they looked up from their datapads.

“Where's my neice and nephew?” Sydney Forrester inquired of Lisa Vellans.

“They're with John-Jack.” Lisa Vellans Forrester told her sister-in-law. “They'll be here in a bit.”

Meanwhile on ASC Base Alpha 14-A, Commander Jonathan Lencon activated the Video-Audio Communication Screen, and an image of the ADFCOSC Commander Linnan seated in his office appeared on screen.

“Lencon, I'm sending you to the Analkian Republic to discuss a possibility of an alliance.” ADFCOSC Commander Linnan said, “I'm sure you're aware we're in need of allies.”

“I am.” Commander Jonathan Lencon answered. “When do I leave?”

“You'll be informed.” ADFCOSC Commander Linnan said, as he terminated the transmission.

Back on Taronia, Admiral John-Jack Forrester, and his twin children, Timothy and Andrea entered Colonel Jack Forrester quarters. Andrea Forrester and Timothy Forrester made their way over to the couch, and they took an empty seat.

“Aunt Sydney?” Timothy Forrester inquired, “Is there any chance the state of emergency will end?”

“Your father and I have spent our lives under a state of emergency, and the Sarian threat isn't likely to go away any time soon.” Sydney Forrester responded to her nephew.

Meanwhile in the Eastern Alliance Federated Territory, Field Commander James Talons sat in his office, which overlooked a busy interesection, and he looked over a stack of datapads.

On them, where a number of status reports from a number of ADFCAG Commanders deployed along the Amderestan-Sarian border, which detailed a number of engagements against several Sarian Defense Force Combat Assault Groups.

A number of explosions were heard as several Inter-Galactic Ballistic Missiles ripped through a number of ADF buildings. Commander James Talons grabbed the stack of datapads off of the desk, exited his office and proceeded down several hundred flights of stairs to the underground bunker.

“A number of planets have reported Sarian IGBM attacks over the past few weeks.” Talon's Senior Aide commented, as he entered the bunker.

“Targets?” Field Commander James Talon inquired as the two of them made their way through several corridors.

“A number of schools, medical facilities, and other buildings have reported damage from the attacks.” Talon's Senior Aide responded, as they entered a small briefing room.

“Casaulties?” Field Commander Talon inquired.

“7 million, mostly civilians.” Talon's Senior Aide answered, “Gersan's imposing a closure for all schools and other civilian run stores. Grocery stores will still be open though, along with medical facilities, and law enforcement facilities.”

“How long will the Senate take to authorize deployment of additional ADFCAGs from the Northern Group?” Field Commander Talon inquired of himself

“I'm not sure exactly.” Talon's Senior Aide inquired.

Meanwhile on Taronia, Colonel Jack Forrester made his way down Taronia City's main street, past a number of stores to an ADF checkpoint. The ADF Security Officer armed with a Santurin blaster rifle gave a motion to stop his speeder.

“Morning, sir.” The ADF Security Officer, who held the rank of Lieutenant said, “I need to see your identification card.”

“Very well.” Colonel Jack Forrester responded, as he handed his ID card over to the lieutenant, who ran it through a scanner.

“Alright, you may proceed.” The Lieutenant said, as he returned Colonel Jack Forrester's Identification Card to him, and waved him through the checkpoint.

Colonel Jack Forrester continued down the street for several blocks before he stopped in front of Linkas' Bar. He went past a number of round tables, some of which were populated by several people. Jack went up to the bar, where he ordered himself a Ranchanian ale, and took several sips.

“Morning, Jack.” The Bartender said as he poured another Ranchanian Ale for another person seated across from him.

“How's the wife, John?” Colonel Jack Forrester inquired.

“Fine.” The Bartender answered, “Yours?”

“She's been busy at the medical center.” Colonel Jack Forrester responded. He activated his 7 by 4” inch Santurin DA-973-A datapad, connected to the Amderestan Data And Information Service and read several news articles that pertained to Operation Eastern Protection.

Several days later on Analkia, Commander Jonathan Lencon stepped out of his rented speeder, entered the Analkin Executive building which had two President Security Officers inside the lobby.

“I have a meeting with the President.” Commander Jonathan Lencon said as he showed his identification card to the PSO's who cleared him for entry.

Commander Jonathan Lencon entered the west wing of the first floor which was lined with various offices, and he made his way into the president's office. The large chair swiveled around to reveal Analkian President James Trivan, who looked up from his datapad.

“You must be Commander Lencon.” President James Trivan said as he extended his hand toward Jonathan, who shook it.

“I am.” Commander Jonathan Lencon answered as he took an empty chair. “I sure you know about our situtation with the Sarian Federation?”

“Jack Airian told me.” President Trivan repiled.

“When did the Blackanian Republic establish diplomatic relations with your government?” Commander Jonathan Lencon inquired.

“After the war.” President Trivan answered, “He told me the alliance was looking for allies against the Sarian Federation.”

“Anyone else interested in forming an alliance with AGA?” Commander Jonathan Lencon inquired.

“The Airisian Federation had plans to attack RBDF Occupation Force in the Lenchini Republic.” President Trivan responded, “But, a number of senators were persuaded to vote against the measure.”

“Sounds famililar.” Commander Jonathan Lencon said, as he drank from a glass of water. “It was the same situtation before the Yenturian genocide. I was sent to Allian to investigate the bio-weapon facility. During that time, I had another encounter with Jack Airian and he told me we wouldn't risk a war with the Blackanian Federation to save the Yenturians.”

Meanwhile on Airisia, the 450 member Airisian Senate met in a special session to discuss the possibility of forming an alliance with the Amdronian Group Alliance. Over the next several hours, several dozen senators debated their positions on forming an alliance with AGA. Prime Minister Kiln, who was elected during the end of the Blackanian-AGA War met with his Cabinet to discuss the distribution of aid to the Lenchini Republic. Prime Minister Kiln activated the Video-Audio Communication Screen in the parliament building's main briefing room, and contacted Lenchini President Kennins whose image appeared on the screen.

“We have a number of supply convoys on route.” Prime Minister Kiln said to President Kennins.

“I appriecate the help.” President Kennins responded. “We're still rationing our supplies, considering most of them were destroyed in the war.”

“My government wanted to intervene when the Blackanian Federation invaded.” Prime Minister Kiln said. “But we were prevented from doing so.”

“That's in the past.” President Kennins responded.

Several hours later on Analkia, Commander Jonathan Lencon walked down a series a narrow streets in Analkian City's commerical, past a number of stores to an intersection, which had a checkpoint manned by Analkian City Security Personnel.

“At least you don't have military checkpoints in your major cities.” Jonathan commented to the officer, who glanced over.

“What about your cities?” The Analkian Security Officer inquired.

“We have two uprisings in northern part of our galaxy, and you about the Sarian attacks.” Commander Jonathan Lencon responded.

“Does your Senate have a law prohibiting deployment of active duty military personnel in your cities?” The Analkian Security Officer asked.

“We have a provision to deploy within our borders in case of rebellion or invasion, other times we can't.” Commander Jonathan Lencon responded.

Meanwhile on Blackania, Jack Airian made his way along Blackania City's main street lined with several dozen speeders that seemed to slowly inch their way forward. After several minutes, he entered a small building still pockmarked from the urban engagement several months beforehand. An exposed power cable sent out a series of sparks and several light fixtures, some which hung from their cables flickered on and off.

“It's not safe to be in there.” A Civilian Security Official said from the sidewalk.

“Lots of buildings are like this, and will be considering how long the war lasted.” Jack Airian answered, as he forced the stairwell door open, and made his way up several floors to his apartment.

“I'm surprised they haven't tore the building down.” Jack Airian's Grand Niece commented from the back.

“Got any homework done?” Jack Airian inquired of his grand niece.

“I working on it.” Amanda Airian answered, as she came out into her great uncle's living area, and took a seat on the couch.

Jack Airian sat down in another chair, turned on the Video Reception Screen and tuned it to BRNN Blackania, a recently established station, which had coverage of the war crimes tribunal on Crescent.

“Is Grandpa getting out of prison anytime soon?” Amanda Airian inquired.

“Your grandfather was found guilty of inciting a genocide and it serving a life sentence for that.” Jack Airian answered. “So he's not getting out.”

“This place looked better.” Commander Jonathan Lencon commented to himself as he entered Jack Airian's apartment.

“What brings you to Blackania?” Jack Airian inquired of Jonathan, who took an empty chair.

“Leave.” Commander Jonathan Lencon answered.

“You two know each other?” Amanda Airian asked Jack.

“We met back in 89,978.” Jack Airian told his Grand Niece. “Back then I was on the Blackanian High Council under the Federation. Commander Lencon was sent here by AIA to set up the organization of BULA. We met here in Blackania City at old cafe in the commerical district and I told him my views on the Federation.”

“Seltan wants you to come over.” Commander Jonathan Lencon said to Jack Airian.

“Mind staying here with Amanda?” Jack Airian inquired of his grand niece.

“We're friends, Jack.” Commander Jonathan Lencon repiled, “I'd to be glad to.”

Over on Taronia, Timothy Forrester and his twin sister Andrea Forrester sat in their Aunt Sydney's quarters with their 7 by 4 inch datapads. Sydney Forrester came in from the kitchen with a glass of water and took a seat on the couch.

“Andrea?” Timothy Forrester asked his twin sister.

“Yes?” Andrea Forrester responded to her twin brother who looked up from her datapad at him. “Have something on your mind?”

“How long is Dad going to be deployed in the EAF Territory?” Timothy Forrester inquired of his twin sister.

“Two years, Tim.” Andrea told her brother. “Any reason ?”

“Personal.” Timothy Forrester repiled, “I don't want to talk about it.”

Andrea dropped the subject and went on to other matters. “Can we go to the park later?”

“You two want anything?” Sydney Forrester asked her niece and nephew.

“Some sandwiches.” Timothy responded.

“We're out.” Sydney responded as she noticed the empty bread box on the counter. “You know we're still rationing.”

“You mean giving our supplies to the rest of the Alliance.” Timothy Forrester complained, “There's always another cargo convoy delivering aid to some foreign planet.”

“A lot of the infrastructure is still in shambles even though their hasn't been an intergalactic war to speak of.” Sydney Forrester told her nephew. “I'll take you two to the park, grab your jackets and head for the elevator.”

Andrea got up from the couch followed by her twin brother, put their jackets on, and made their way to the central elevator with their Aunt Sydney close behind. The three entered the elevator car, took it down to the first floor, got out and made their way over to Sydney's speeder. Sydney activated her speeder and flew it toward the base's main gate, where the Security Officer looked over their identification cards and waived them through. After Sydney checked for oncoming traffic, she turned onto the main street which had light speeder traffic on it and continued towards Taronia City Park.

Andrea Forrester looked to her right at the memorial errected in memory of those killed there in 90,007 and turned her gaze toward Sydney. After Sydney stopped the speeder, her ten year old niece and nephew got out and headed for the swings.

“Stay where I can see you.” Sydney told Andrea and Timothy, who stopped for a moment, and got on a couple of swings.

“Morning.” An ADF Officer said, as he took a seat on the bench beside Sydney.

“Morning.” Sydney Forrester responded.

“Yours?” The ADF Officer required.

“My twin brother's.” Sydney Forrester answered, “He got deployed to the EAF Territory for two years.”

“You're retired.” The ADF Officer commented.

Sydney Forrester responded, “I'm listed as inactive reserve due to my gaurdianship of Andrea and Timothy while John-Jack is on the front.”

“I see.” The ADF Officer answered.

Over on Blackania, Commander Jonathan Lencon sat in Jack Airian's apartment with Amanda Airian, who tuned the Video Reception Screen to BRNN Blackania, which had coverage of the war crimes tribunal on Crescent. The AGA Prosecutor went over to the witness stand where a RBDF Loyalist mentioned the usage of a secondary school as a sniper nest, and recounted a series of RPC attacks on the school that reportly killed several children.

“We were at war.” The AGA Prosecutor told the tribunal, “And sometimes you have to target a school or shop because the enemy has snipers nests set up.”

“That doesn't condone the killing of children.” The RBDF Loyalist responded, “How would you feel if your son, daughter, niece, nephew, or whoever was one of those killed?”

“Are you implying we should attack a school even if we know for a fact it is being used for military purposes?” The AGA Prosecutor said, as he put his hands on the witness box and leaned forward.

“Is there a point to this?” The Tribunal's Senior Judge inquired.

“Okay, are you implying BULA forces commited murder when they attacked the school?” The AGA Prosecutor asked the RBDF Loyalist in the witness box.

“I am.” The RBDF Loyalist answered.

“No further questions.” The AGA Prosecutor said, as he returned to the prosecution's table.

“Does the Defense wish to cross?” The Senior Judge inquired.

“The Defense rests.” Defense Advocate Senttin responded.

“You may step down.” The Chief Judge told the witness, who got up and went to the back of the courtroom. “Mr. Yennins, call your next witness.”

“Very well,” The AGA Prosecutor answered, “The Prosecution calls Owen Terrin to the stand.”

A 32 Year Old Cafe Owner made his way up to the witness box, was sworn in and sat in the witness box.

AGA Prosecutor Yennins made his way over to the witness box. “Mr. Terrin you had a cafe on Antonian Four which catered to mostly moderate Blackanians?”

“That's correct.” Owen Terrin replied.

“Tell the tribunal what happened at your cafe in July 90,039.” AGA Prosecutor Yennins said.

“Well.” Owen Terrin began, “I was at my cafe serving a number of customers, reading their datapads, talking about various things. That morning, I had a large crowd of people in my cafe when I noticed several charges launched into the building. Next thing I knew, the windows were blown out, several tables were destroyed, and there were dead and injuried all over the place. I came out from behind the counter to survey the damage when a RBDF Infantry Assault Patrol killed everyone in there.”

“How did you get out?” AGA Yennins inquired.

“I made myself appear to be dead, and waited for the RBDF personnel to leave.” Owen Terrin responded.

In Jack Airian's apartment, Commander Jonathan Lencon activated his Video-Audio Communication Screen, and contacted his daughter Lori, whose image appeared on the six inch screen.

“Hi, Dad.” Lori Amber Lencon said to her father, “What are you doing in Blackania City?”

“How do you know I'm on Blackania?” Commander Jonathan Lencon asked his daughter.

“Wild guess.” Lori Amber Lencon answered. “The meeting on Analkia went well?”

“The Analkians are onboard as are the Airisians.” Commander Jonathan Lencon responded. “I managed to get a furlough, so I'm spending it on Blackania. The place has changed a lot since I was here for Operation Traveller.”

“Watching the tribunal?” Lori Amber Lencon inquired. “I ran into Owen Terrin several days after the peace treaty was signed. He had a rather downcast look about him.”

“He mention the cafe attack?” Commander Jonathan Lencon responded.

“He did.” Lori Amber Lencon told her father. “I heard something about Andrew getting deployed to the EAF for a eighteen month tour of duty. Did he specify who's gonna have gaurdianship of Alice?”

“Your sister-in-law, I presume.” Commander Jonathan Lencon answered.

“Julia's been been given an assignment at ARNN Compassia covering Operation Eastern Protection, and she doesn't think it's safe to bring Alice considering the attacks.” Lori Amber Lencon said.

“Your niece, my granddaughter has to have some kind of adult supervision.” Commander Jonathan Lencon told his daughter.

“I know Dad, I'll take Alice in while Andrew's in the EAF.” Lori Amber Lencon responded. “You gonna say that will affect my humanitarian work, and yes it will. As you said, Alice needs someone to be with her.”

“When does Andrew leave?” Commander Jonathan Lencon asked his daughter.

“In three days or so.” Lori Amber Lencon said. “I'll better get going.”

The image of Lori Amber Lencon on Commander Jonathan Lencon's Video-Audio Communication Screen disappeared, and He deactivated the unit.

Several days later in the Swearia Region, a number of Amderestan Defense Force Infantry Assault Groups deployed on several planets went on an intense house-to-house search of pro-SLA officers, and they detained several thousand people for treason against the 4th Republic.

Over on Swearia, Region Governor Dessin made his down Swearia City's main street, which had a number of ADF checkpoints set up throughout the city to inforce the State of Emergency, as the Swearia Liberation Army increased their guerrilla style attacks on Amderestan Defense Force Infantry Assault personnel throughout the Swearia Region. He walked past a number of shops which few people conducting their daily business. He turned down a side street with his security detail and talked with a number of people who expressed their concern with the restrictions imposed on them.

“Do you want want the Swearia Liberation Army to attack your businesses, schools where your children attend because you are supportive of the 4th Amderestan Republic?” Region Governor Dessin asked a group of Swearians gathered outside a furniture store.

“Of course not.” A number of people responded to his question. “But why do you have to restrict gatherings?”

“Didn't you hear what I just asked?” Region Governor Dessin inquired. “I had my apartment in the Govenor's Residence attacked by the SLA I had my twin children go down to the bunker because of their safety. My wife expressed concern with them living an underground shelter, but I told her I didn't want anything to happen to her or our kids.”

“We have families too.” A Swearian in the crowd answered. “Our Businesses are losing money as people are afraid to come out because of the SLA, but can't the civilian authorities conduct law enforcement?”

“They were so overwhelmed with the number of Swearian Liberation Army attacks, so I asked Crescent to the declare a State of Emergency and deploy ADF in the major cities in an effort to protect your schools, businesses, and homes from the SLA.” Region Governor Dessin answered. “You all should disperse.”

He continued down the street for several kilometers, and made his into the ADF Reserve Barracks, which housed several thousand officers and enlisted personnel.

“What brings you here?” An ADFR Officer asked Governor Dessin.

“Just seeing how you guys are fairing.” Governor Dessin answered. “And to say keep up the good work. I know some people disapprove of the measures taken under the State of Emergency, but as I told a group a civilians recently, they neccesary for the secure of the area. My office has monitered scattered reports of Swearia Liberation Army bombings of businesses staffed by 4th Republic loyalists.”

Over on Taronia, Sydney Forrester sat on a bench in Taronia City Park and read an article on her datapad, while Andrea and Timothy played on the swings. After a minute, Josh Widan came up into the park and took an empty seat beside his cousin.

“Hey, Syd.” Josh Widan said to Sydney.

“Just decided to pay a visit?” Sydney asked her cousin, “I haven't seen you in ages.”

“I've been busy with AGA work in the Tarozenian Republic, mainly distribution of humanitarian aid to civilians affected by the war.” Josh Widan told Sydney. “How's everyone?”

“Your Uncle Jack is stationed here at Charles Lencon ASC Base in Taronia City, as am I.” Sydney Forrester answered, “John-Jack's been deployed to the EAF Territory for two years, so I'm watching his kids.”

“Andrea and Timothy are here I presume?” Josh Widan asked.

“Over there.” Sydney Forrester answered pointing over to the swings, as the two of them jumped down and joined a group of our Taronian children.

“Who's that talking with your aunt?” A Taronian Girl asked Timothy.

“Our Second Cousin.” Timothy Forrester answered referring to himself and Andrea. “Our Dad is on a two year tour of duty.”

“Mine too.” The Taronian Girl said, “He's assigned to Compassia Territory Field Command Headquarters.”

“You think the Sarians will invade?” Another Taronian in the group asked.

“It'll be a perfect time with everyone recovering from the war, and we've two uprisings going on.” Andrea Forrester repiled.

“Three.” Timothy Forrester told his twin sister, as brought up the day's Taronia City News e-paper on his datapad, which had a headline that read: PLA Forces Launch Attacks On ADF Installations. The article went on to describe a number of PLA riots throughout the Pairisia Region, simular to the ones in 89,980, and Region Governor Jeens' request for President Gersan to deploy ADF Personnel under the Emergencies Act to contain the uprising which affected loyalist businesses.

“Let me see that.” Andrea Forrester said to Timothy, who handed the datapad to her.

Over on ASC Base Alpha 14-A, Commander Jonathan Lencon activated the Video Reception Screen in his office and tuned it to ARNN Parisia. An image of ARNN Correspondent Terris who wore blaster protection stood near a crowd of PLA protesters held back by a group of ADF Security Personnel.

“ Behind me, a number of PLA protesters have been involved in a number of attacks on ADF and Civilian Security Installations throughout the city, are being held back at the moment by line of ADF Security Officers in dressed in riot gear.” ARNN Correspondent Terris said, as a series of explosions were heard nearby, which forced him and the ARNN Cameraman with him to ground. “It seems the area here is getting to dangerous to be in.”

“All right, Will.” ARNN Anchor Andrew Talisian said, seated in ARNN Reyen's studio. “Keep safe.”

He tuned to ARNN Airiana Four, which showed an image of Airiana Four ASC Medical Center in Henduria City, severely damaged by an explosion. A number of ADF Medical personnel were gathered outside with various injuries. The ARNN Cameraman at the scene zoomed in on an ARNN Correspondent, who made his way toward an ADF Medical Officer.

“This looks exactly like the attack by AIDF.” The ARNN Correspondent commented, “Around me a number of ADF Medical personnel are being treated for various injuries from the bombing. A number of ADF Infantry Assault Patrols near the area have set up defensive positions near the medical center.”

The image on the Video Reception Screen switched to a spilt screen image of ARNN Airiana Four's main studio and a view of Airiana Four ASC Medical Center.

“Any other attacks in the area?” The ARNN Anchor inquired.

Back on Taronia, Andrea and Timothy Forrester made the way with one of the friends over to Sydney and Josh Widan, who now sat with their grandfather.

“Hello, Colonel Forrester.” The Taronian Girl with Andrea and Timothy said.

“Hello.” Colonel Jack Forrester answered. “You guys behaving?”

“We are.” Andrea Forrester told her grandfather. “Can Lauren come over for a bit?”

“Ask your Aunt.” Colonel Jack Forrester responded to Andrea.

“Aunt Sydney, can Lauren come over for a while?” Andrea Forrester inquired.

“What did her parents say?” Sydney asked her niece.

“They said she could.” Andrea Forrester responded.

Over on Crescent, President Gersan, Deputy President Jurisian and other executive branch officals met in an emergency session which concerned the Parisia Liberation Army riots to discuss a response to the crisis before it turned into a full scale uprising. The Amderestan Defense Force Chiefs of Staff, and the Parisia Region Field Commander seated at the conference table made an urgent request for deployment of active ADF Combat Assault Groups inside the Parisia Region.

“When we did that back in 89,980,” ARFC Commander Ceenian commented, “It fueled the uprising even further.”

“We have to contain this before it turns into a full scale uprising against us.” President Gersan said to the group. “Therefore, I'm taking the following measures. ADF Reserve Combat, Aerial and Infantry Assault Groups in the Parisia Region are placed on active duty status, and deployed inside the major cities with the order to dispel the PLA riots.”

Back on Taronia, Andrea Forrester and Timothy Forrester sat in Sydney's Barracks with Lauren Kinns, who played a game of galactic conquest. On the couch, Sydney Forrester activated the Video Reception Screen and tuned it to ARNN Taronia. An image of President Gersan seated in his office appeared onscreen .

“Fellow citizens, ADF Forces in the Parisia Region have been under attack by forces of the Parisia Liberation Army in the major cities, a clear act of agression against the 4th Republic. Therefore, a State of Emergency is in effect for the Parisia Region. All businesses with the exception for law enforcement, medical facilities, and grocery stores are hereby closed until further notice. Schools throughout the Parisia Region are closed in part to the PLA attacks in the area. For your safety, civilians in those areas are advised not to go outside, If you have underground sheters nearby make plans for you and your family beforehand.” President Gersan said.

The image onscreen changed to an image of ARNN Taronia's main studio where ARNN Anchor Luke Reens sat with an earwig in his right ear.

“That was President Gersan giving his response to a number of riots by the PLA.” He said, “For more on this story, we join our Defense Correspondent at our sister station ARNN Parisia.”

“Thank you, Luke.” The ARNN Defense Correspondent responded, “Just outside of the studio, a number of PLA forces are engaged in an intense firefight near the studio, with several ADF units positioned throughout the city. A number of nearby explosions are being heard nearby.”

The image onscreen changed to a view of the area near ARNN Parisia's studio building where a number of Amderestan Defense Force Reserve Infantry Assault Patrols returned fire at several PLA personnel.

Andrea Forrester got up from the couch, retrieved a holo-gaming unit from a storage unit, and sat it up on the coffee table. Afterward, her twin brother came over from the CATS, and two of them played a speeder racing game.

“Your Dad's getting deployed to Parisia?” Timothy asked Lauren who joined the Forrester siblings around the coffee table.

“He got his orders from the CAFC.” Lauren responded. “I'm staying here on base with Mom.”

“Your Dad, was he deployed as part of Operation Northern Engagement-Tourist?” Andrea Forrester inquired.

“He just got back from an eighteen month tour of duty on the region border.” Lauren answered.

“Your dad has seen you in almost two years and he getting deployed for another two.” Timothy Forrester responded.

“We're involved in the Swearia, Tourist, Parisia Regions, and the EAF.” Lauren replied to Timothy's comment. “Besides, I'm used to him getting deployed, as you two are with yours.”

“You guys need anything?” Sydney Forrester inquired of her neice and nephew.

“We're okay, Aunt Sydney.” Andrea Forrester answered, as she continued the game against her brother.

The Video Reception Screen which was tuned to ARNN Taronia, showed an image of an ADF Infantry Assault Patrol engaged in a firefight with a Parisia Liberation Army unit in Parisia City. The ADF enlisted personnel crouched down near the side of a building and threw several charges at a PLA unit. The charges exploded, which killed or injured several of them. The ADF Infantry Assault Patrol continued around the street, and made their way inside of the building and went on a intense room to room search for any PLA forces.

“You two related by any chance to Former President Vellans?” Lauren Timmes inquired of Andrea and Timothy.

“He's our Great-Grandfather on Mom's side.” Andrea Forrester answered. “He moved to the de facto captial on Andronia in 89,920, where he was given Third Republic citizenship. After five years for residency purposes, he gained support of the Amderestan Conservatives as their canidate for President in 89, 925.”

“His term was from 89,926-30, 89,930-35, and 89,035-39?” Lauren Timmes responded.

“He resigned in 89,939 when the Second-Third Republic-AAR War began.” Andrea Forrester answered. “He moved back to Taronia in 89,955 when the war ended.”

“Didn't Colonel Forrester and your Maternal Grandfather attended ASC Academy in 89,979?” Lauren Timmes inquired.

“They went to the FCO school together.” Andrea Forrester repiled.

“What was the minimum age for President during the Third Republic period?” Lauren Timmes inquired.

“Twenty back then.” A Male Voice responded in answer to Lauren's question. “That's how old I was when I was elected for my first term.”

Lauren Timmes turned around to see Former President Michael Vellans who stood inside the doorway. “Andrea, Tim.” She said. “Your great-grandfather is here.”

“We saw him walk in.” Andrea Forrester answered as she and her twin brother stood up, and made their way over to the door.

“You two have grown.” Michael Vellans said of his great-grandchildren. “Any place I can sit, I walked all the way from Hendian City.”

“Wait a minute.” Lauren Timmes commented, “Anti-Grav Planetary Transport Service is under suspension?”

“ADF has set up checkpoints at all platforms in the region.” Michael Vellans answered as he took the recliner, and turned up the volume on Video Reception Screen.

“Due to concerns of ISBM attacks on Anti-Grav Planetary Transport Platforms, all installations have been closed for the public's safety.” The ARNN Anchor said, “Make sure you have sufficient supplies with you if don't own a private speeder.”

“I haven't heard any klaxons go off anywhere.” Lauren Timmes commented as a number of explosion were heard near the base, followed by a shockwave which blew out the Sydney's barrack.

“We better get to a lower floor.” Michael Vellans suggested to Andrea, Timothy, and Lauren. “By way of the stairs.”

The lights flickered on and off for a second as the four them exited Sydney's barracks, followed by Sydney, only to plunge the building into darkness.

“Stairwell's this way.” Andrea Forrester told the others as she consaulted her datapad, which she could barely see.

“We can't see in here.” Timothy Forrester told his sister. “How do you know where the stairwell access is?”

“I have a floor plan on my datapad.” Andrea Forrester answered. “The manual access should be right here.” She felt around for small handle beneath the electronic door controls and a crack opened between the door. After some frustation, Andrea slid the doors far enough to allowed the group to proceed down the stairwell, the same thing on each floor.”

When they reached the ground floor, Sydney Forrester, Michael Vellans, Andrea Forrester, Timothy Forrester, and Lauren Timmes joined other off duty ADF personnel and their dependents in the underground shelter. A number of portable lamps were set up throughout the shelter in order to provide makeshift lighting to the room. Andrea and Timothy made their way through the crowd, and joined several of their classmates.

“I thought I saw President Vellans with you two.” Jack Reenian commented to Andrea and Timothy Forrester, who looked up from their datapads.

“He's our great-grandfather.” Andrea Forrester responded to Jack.

“What's ARNN doing here?” Jack Reenian inquired as he noticed an ARNN Cameraman and Correspondent make their way over to Michael Vellans.

“An interview.” Lauren Timmes answered, as she joined the group. “Apparently, ARNN is working on a documentary covering the background of the Second Third Republic-AAR War.”

“Lauren?” Jack Reenian asked, “Your Great-Uncle was one of the Consuls killed during the Yenturian Genocide?”

“He was.” Lauren Timmes repiled.

On the other side of the shelter, Michael Vellans sat across from the ARNN Correspondent, who had a list of prepared questions on his datapad.

“I'm here with Michael Vellans, one of the presidents under the 3rd Republic.” The ARNN Correspondent said.

“It's good to be here.” Michael Vellans repiled.

“Tell me, what were relations like with the former AAR when you became President?” The ARNN Correspondent

“Well,” Michael Vellans answered, “You could say they were strained. The ADFCOS had a number of contingency plans in case of another AAR attack. The Senate passed a series of increased defense budgets to increase the size of the ADF, and passed a bill authorizing the ADF to call up retired personnel to active duty.”

“Are you implying your administration was setting the stage for a confrontation with the AAR?” The ARNN Correspondent asked.

“We had our concerns at that time.” Michael Vellans repiled.

“I'm asking you if elements of the ADFCI or AIA stirred up the AAR to propose a series of attacks on the 3rd Republic?” The ARNN Correspondent asked.

“My advisors proposed the deployment of ADFCI and AIA operatives inside the Amderestan Army Republic. So to answer your question, they did.” Michael Vellans answered. “Simular to Operation Traveler in the Blackanian Federation, our operatives stirred up a number of 3rd Repubic Loyalists to organize a grassroots movement against the AAR.”

“That was during your second administration?” The ARNN Correspondent inquired.

“It was, in my third term, we increased the deployment of Amderestan Defense Force Combat Assault Groups along the border with the AAR.” Michael Vellans answered, “As we monitered an increase of AARDF Combat Assault Groups on the border, and met with the ADFCOS to plan an attack against the AARDF on Crescent.”

“Why did you resign in the middle of your term?” The ARNN Correspondent inquired.

“I felt my time in office was coming to a close, and had no intentions of being wartime a President.” Michael Vellans repiled.

The ARNN Correspondent gave a signal to his Cameraman, who paused his recording and joined the two.

“It looks like you are stuck down here with us for awhile.” Michael Vellans said, as he heard a number of explosions.

“Excuse us.” The ARNN Correspondent said, as he and his cameraman made their way through the crowd of people to a group of kids which included Andrea and Timothy Forrester, Lauren Timmes, and Jack Reenian.

“Mind if I ask you some questions?” The ARNN Correspondent inquired of the group.

“Shoot.” Andrea Forrester answered.

“Most of you here have a parent that's on deployment in the EAF Territory, tell do you have any concerns for their safety?” The ARNN Correspondent asked.

“Well,” Andrea Forrester began, “There are times when my brother and I have dreams of the Base Commander informing us of something happening to our father.”

“How does that make you feel?” The ARNN Correspondent said.

“Worried, for the most part.” Andrea Forrester repiled, “We watch ARNN and other media outlets for any news we can get on our parent that's deployed.”

“I have simular feelings to Andrea.” Lauren Timmes said, “I keep waiting for news on when my father will come home, alive or dead, the former I hope”

Meanwhile on Airiana Four, the 789th Amderestan Spacefleet Corps Infantry Assault Task Force comprised of the 901st, 765th, 789th, and 886th Amderestan Spacefleet Corps Infantry Assault Patrols made their way down a series of streets in Henduria City's commerical district on the lookout for PLA forces. Captain Lonnias, the 886th's CO turned his gaze toward a civilian apartment building and noticed a shoulder-fired missile launch from a fifteenth floor apartment at his unit.

“Fifteenth floor, Shoulder-fired missile launcher.” Captian Lonnias said to the others in the unit, as one of the officers angled a shoulder-fired missile launcher, and fired into the apartment.

Soon after, a hail of blaster fire from a nearby PLA unit came from behind a nearby dumpster came at Captain Lonnias's ASCIAP. A number of his personnel returned fire at the PLA unit which wounded several of them.

After several intense minutes, the 886th Amderestan Spacefleet Corps Infantry Assault Patrol made their way into a number of stores, and cleared of any PLA forces.

Back on Taronia, Andrea Forrester, Timothy Forrester, Lauren Timmes, Jack Reenian, and other kids who were in the underground shelter beneath Charles Lencon ASC Base's Barracks sat around a holo-game unit. Andrea Forrester activated a multiplayer speeder racing game, and the four kids played for a few minutes.

In another part of the shelter, Michael Vellans sat with Commander Jerrins, the Commanding Officer of Charles Lencon ASC Base.

“Where are your great-grandchildren?” Commander Jerrins inquired.

“Over there.” Michael Vellans said, as he pointed to a group of kids.

Commander Jerrins got up the seat, and made his way over to Andrea and Timothy Forrester, who were involved in a holo-game.

“Excuse me, I need to speak with Andrea and Timothy.” Commander Jerrins told the other children, who got up and moved to another part of the shelter. “I have some bad news to convey. The ASC Medical Center your mother's starioned at was targeted by the PLA, there were no survivors.”

“Does Dad know?” Andrea Forrester inquired, as she broke out in sobs, along with her twin brother.

“Where is the Grief Councilor?”

“He's around here somewhere.” Commander Jerrins said. “I'm sure he'll see you two.”

Andrea and Timothy Forrester made their way through the crowd to Sydney Forrester, who looked over at her niece and nephew with a concerned expression.

“Mom's been killed by the PLA.” Andrea Forrester said, “Commander Jerrins just told us.”

“Does your father know?” Sydney Forrester inquired of her niece.

“He hasn't be told yet.” Andrea Forrester responded.

Couple minutes later, Commander Jerrins made his way over to where the Forrester's sat, and joined them. “Andrea, Timothy, our forces on Alinia Four are in the process of bringing the bodies of those killed at Alinia Four ASC Medical.” He said. “Your mother will be getting an ADF funeral.”

“Commander?” Timothy Forrester asked, “Is it safe to go upstairs?”

“We haven't got the all clear signal yet.” Commander Jerrins said, “So you two have to stay down here a while longer.”

“Let's go.” Andrea Forrester told her twin brother.

The two Forrester's made their way over to Lauren Timmes, Jack Reenian, and other the kids who looked over at them.

“What did Commander Jerrins have to say?” Lauren Timmes inquired of Andrea and Timothy.

“Mom's been KIA.” Timothy Forrester answered.

“The ARNN Correspondent still here?” Another Kid inquired.

“He's still with our Great-Grandfather.” Andrea Forrester responded, “Doing an interview on the background to the Second AAR-Third Republic War.”

Meanwhile on Parisia, the Region Governor met with his Cabinet in a underground shelter beneath the Governor's Residence. An holographic map of the Parisia Region was projected in mid-air, and it indicated the areas subject to the Parisia Liberation Army's hit-and-run style attacks.

“The PLA has been stepping up their usage of civilian facilities to launch an attack against our forces.” Field Commander Trinnan said, “Maybe we should consider evacuating the children from the area.”

“You know how many children we have in the Region?” Region Governor Sennin responded, “We need to make sure that people can host our kids.”

“That would mean we would need to divert some of our forces to protect the transports from any PLA attacks.” Sennin's Chief of Staff commented. “And we need to make sure there is any orderly evacuation.”

“Very well.” Region Governor Sennin answered.

Over the next few days, the Parisia Region Government established a number of evacuation points on hundreds of thousands of planets throughout the region, as local security personnel went door-to-door , and notified parents of their children's evacuation from the area. On a number of planets, crowds of children gathered at various Landing Platforms and were loaded onto passenger transports in a somewhat orderly fashion. Afterward, the ADF personnel assigned to the escort shuttles boarded, and took off alongside the passenger transports.

Over on Reyen, Lori Amber Lencon sat in her apartment complex with her niece Alice Lencon who had a datapad. The Video Reception Screen tuned to ARNN Reyen had an image of an ARNN Correspondent who detailed the evacuation of Parisian children to the Amderesta Region, Alazenia Region, and Taronia Region.

“Will we be hosting evacuees from Parisia?” Alice Lencon asked her aunt.

“Yes, Alice.” Lori Amber Lencon told her aunt. “We're going be hosting some kids.”

Several minutes later, Colonel Laura Forrester came into her niece's apartment, hung her white labcoat up on the coat rack, and found a seat in a nearby chair.

“Your Great-Grandmother hosted evacuees from Parisia in 89,980 and 89,981.” Colonel Laura Forrester told her grand niece. “Back then the PLA targeted the civilian population which resulted in the region government evacuating children from the area.”

“Wasn't there a lottery system set up to establish which evacuees stayed with whom?” Alice Lencon inquired.

“Each of the evacuees received a number when they landed at the prespective landing platforms, and the yet-to-detirmined host families picked a handful of numbers, detirmed by the current number in the household, to decide who stayed with whom.” Colonel Laura Lencon answered. “I was still in secondary school when the uprising broke out in 89,981.”

Couple days later at Landing Platform Delta 7880, a crowd of people which included Colonel Laura Lencon, Lori Amber Lencon gathered in the platform's receiving area, as the Parisian children came off the transport in an orderly fashion, and each were given a number. After several minutes, the ADF personnel in charge of the arriving evacuees went around to the potential host families, and each of them selected a number that corresponded to specific evacuee. After the numbers were divided up, each of the host families took in specific children.

Things were simular on other landing platforms, groups of evacuees would arrive, be given a number, and taken in by a host family, which they would stay with till the conflict ended. On Taronia, Sydney Forrester took in two eleven-year-old twins from Parisia.

“All right, you guys.” Sydney told the Sennins twins. “You've had a long trip, sit down and I'll get you situated.”

“Have enough rations for us?” Mark Sennins inquired of himself and his sister.

“We'll manage.” Sydney Forrester answered, as she brought their bags into a guest room.

In the living room, Andrea and Timothy sat with the Sennins twins who were immersed in a holo-game.

“I'm Timothy, and this is my sister, Andrea.” Timothy Forrester said.

“Mark, and this is Lucy.” Mark Sennins answered as the four shook hands.

“We had a memorial service for our mom.” Andrea Forrester said. “She was killed in a PLA attack.”

“Your dad's on deployment?” Lucy Sennins inquired.

“The EAF Territory.” Timothy Forrester answered. “We've been having occasional missile attacks by the Tourist Liberation Army, as this is an ADF base. I'm sure you two know what to do if the klaxons go off.”

On the Video Reception Screen, an image of ARNN Correspondent Kevin James seated across from Michael Vellans appeared onscreen.

“I'm here with Michael Vellans, one of the presidents under the 3rd Republic.” ARNN Correspondent Kevin James said.

“It's good to be here.” Michael Vellans repiled.

“Tell me, what were relations like with the former AAR when you became President?” ARNN Correspondent Kevin James inquired.

“Well,” Michael Vellans answered, “You could say they were strained. The ADFCOS had a number of contingency plans in case of another AAR attack. The Senate passed a series of increased defense budgets to increase the size of the ADF, and passed a bill authorizing the ADF to call up retired personnel to active duty.”

“Are you implying your administration was setting the stage for a confrontation with the AAR?” The ARNN Correspondent asked.

“We had our concerns at that time.” Michael Vellans repiled.

“I'm asking you if elements of the ADFCI or AIA stirred up the AAR to propose a series of attacks on the 3rd Republic?” The ARNN Correspondent asked.

“My advisors proposed the deployment of ADFCI and AIA operatives inside the Amderestan Army Republic. So to answer your question, they did.” Michael Vellans answered. “Simular to Operation Traveler in the Blackanian Federation, our operatives stirred up a number of 3rd Repubic Loyalists to organize a grassroots movement against the AAR.”

“That was during your second administration?” ARNN Correspondent Kevin James inquired.

“It was, in my third term, we increased the deployment of Amderestan Defense Force Combat Assault Groups along the border with the AAR.” Michael Vellans answered, “As we monitered an increase of AARDF Combat Assault Groups on the border, and met with the ADFCOS to plan an attack against the AARDF on Crescent.”

“Why did you resign in the middle of your term?” ARNN Correspondent Kevin James inquired.

“I felt my time in office was coming to a close, and had no intentions of being wartime a President.” Michael Vellans repiled.

“Okay, according to records released by the Amderestan Intelliegence Agency, Former AIA Director Johnson had a discussion with you in early 89,926 concerning the insertion of AIA units?” ARNN Correspondent Kevin James inquired.

“He did.” Michael Vellans answered, “We held a series of meeting pertaining to the deployment of AIA units, and Amderestan Defense Force Covert Operation Assault Teams. After the meetings, we decided to deploy units inside the former Amderestan Army Republic.”

“I'll be back with in a moment with former AIA Director Johnson.” ARNN Correspondent Kevin James said to the camera.

After a news update from pertaining to the uprising in Parisia, an image of ARNN Correspondent Kevin James now seated with Former AIA Director Johnson, who was 298 Years of age.

“I'm back with Former AIA Director Johnson, who served during Michael Vellans' Administration, and John Callians Administration.” ARNN Corespondent Kevin James said.

“It's good to be here.” Former AIA Director Johnson responded.

“Earlier, I spoke with Former President Michael Vellans concerning the insertion of AIA units inside the Amderestan Army Republic.” ARNN Correspondent Kevin James said.

“Early in President Vellans Administration, I had a number of meetings with the former president just after his inauguration which concerned tensions with the AAR.” Former AIA Director Johnson responded.

In Sydney's Barracks, Andrea Forrester, Timothy Forrester, Lucy Sennins, and Mark Sennins sat around the coffee table and they watched Kevin James' interview with Former AIA Director Johnson. Afterward, the image onscreen changed to an image of ARNN Taronia's main studio.

“We'll continue with The Vellans Presidency in a bit.” ARNN Anchor Lonn said, “In the headlines, Amderestan Defense Force Infantry Assault Groups in the Northeast Parisia Region District have been involved in an intense engagement against PLA forces entrenched in the major cities. According to reports, a number of buildings of buildings have been damaged or destroyed in the building-to-building fighting. We return to the Vellans Presidency with Kevin James.”

The image onscreen returned to an image of ARNN Correspondent Kevin James who sat across from AIA Director Johnson. “Did you have contact with Former High Councilor Seltan back then?”

“He was a councilor back then.” Former AIA Director Johnson answered. “To answer your question, we did. There were a few meetings with us.”

“What did you discuss?” ARNN Correspondent Kevin James inquired.

“We discussed the situtation between the former Blackanian Federation and the Amdronian Group Alliance, and intentions to end the State of War between.” Former AIA Director Johnson answered, “Seltan told me he heard reports pertaining to a serious threat by the Sarian Federation.”

“So, you're saying top-level officals in the Alliance and Blackanian Federation have known about the Sarian threat?” ARNN Correspondent Kevin James inquired.

“We have.” Former AIA Director Johnson answered.

In Sydney's Barracks, Andrea Forrester made her way over to the window and noticed a number of explosions in the distantace which was followed by the sound of klaxons.

“You what this means.” She told her twin brother and the Sennins Twins. “We go downstairs.”

“You heard your sister, Tim.” Sydney Forrester said to her nephew. “I'll be at the Medical Center with your Grandmother.”

Andrea Forrester, Timothy Forrester, Lucy Sennins, and Mark Sennins exited Sydney's barracks, made their way to the stairwell and they proceeded down several floors to the underground bunker beneath the barracks. One section was set up with a number of bunks for people to sleep on, another was used for living accommodations incase of a long term attack. The four kids made their way to a small table in the living section where a number of off-duty ADF personnel talked amongst themselves.

It's just like being on Parisia.” Mark Sennin commented as his mind took him back to a number of attacks by the PLA in Parisia City, one of them at his and Lucy's school.

“Hey?” Lucy Sennins asked her brother. “Mark?!” She grabbed her brother's shoulder's and shook him.

“You were out of it.” Lucy Sennins told her brother. “Looked like you just had a flashback?”

“I did, alright.” Mark Sennins answered, “Before you ask, I'm fine.”

“You need to talk about this, Mark.” Lucy Sennins told her brother. “I'm not a shrink, but it looks like you're exhibiting signs of PTSD.

“You saw the same things as I!” Mark Sennins responded in a raised tone. “You're talking about yourself too. You have your share of flashbacks also.”

“I hear you in the night sometimes mentioning something about getting under the desks.” Lucy Sennins commented to her twin brother. “Are you listening?”

Lucy looked over at her twin brother who's mind was back in Enlinn Primary School where he and Lucy were involved in a PLA attack which killed a number of fellow students. “Hey, Mark.” She grabbed her twin brother by the shoulders. “We're safe, we're on Taronia.”

“I can see the bodies around us, hear the blaster fire, the explosions.” Mark Sennins said still in the flashback. “Lucy stay down.”

“Mark!” Lucy Sennins responded to her twin brother. “Listen to me, you are beneath the ADF Barracks at Charles Lencon ASC Base in Taronia City. I don't want to do this, but I will.”

“Lucy, we need to find Colonel Jonas.” Andrea Forrester commented, “Your brother needs help.”

“I know all right.” Lucy Sennins snapped at Andrea, “I haven't slept very much in several days because of this!”

After several minutes, Andrea Forrester came over to Colonel Jonas who sat with a number of other ASC officers. “Excuse me, Colonel.” She said, “I need you for a bit.”

“What going on?” Colonel Jonas inquired.

“My friend's brother has been having vivid flashblacks of a Parisia Liberation Army attack on his and sister's primary school.” Andrea Forrester said.

“Alright, I'll come over.” Colonel Jonas responded, as he got up from the table, and followed Andrea to the table where Timothy, Lucy, and Mark were at. “Mark, this is Colonel Jonas. Tell me where you at?”

“Enlinn Primary School.” Mark Sennins responded.

“That's in Parisia City.” Colonel Jonas commented to Lucy, who nodded in affirmation. “How has this been going?”

“Several minutes.” Lucy Sennins said of her brother, who now was now huddled beneath the table with a frightened expression. “He keeps on mentioning things like blaster fire, RPC launches, seeing bodies of our classmates among other things.”

“You were with him when this happened?” Colonel Jonas inquired of Lucy.

“I was.” Lucy Sennins repiled to his comment. “Can you do anything for Mark?”

“You still a minor.” Colonel Jonas told Lucy. “I have to contact one of your parents, and get their premission before I could do anything.”

“I'll get my father on the Video-Audio Communication Screen.” Lucy Sennins responded, as she activated her VACS and the image of her and Mark's father, Governor James Sennins seated in his office appeared onscreen.

“Governor Sennins.” Colonel Jonas said, “Your son, Mark is suffering from a vivid flashback of a PLA attack on their school.”

“I'm aware of the details.” Governor James Sennins answered, “Tell me what you need to do.”

“I need to take Mark in for observation.” Colonel Jonas said.

“Go ahead, do what needs to be done.” Governor James Sennins responded, “Lucy, how are you holding up?”

Honestly, not well.” Lucy Sennins told her father. “I haven't been sleeping because of what has gone on with Mark. Before you ask, sometimes I see images of the PLA attack in my mind.”

“I want Colonel Jonas to check you out also, just in case.” Governor James Sennins told his daughter, who agreed, and informed Colonel Jonas of his decision.

“Lucy?” Mark Sennins asked his twin sister, “Where I am?”

“You had just a flahback of the PLA attack on the school.” Lucy Sennins told her twin brother. “It was like you were there at the school.”

“Thought I heard Dad on the VACS?” Mark Sennins inquired.

“You did.” Lucy Sennins answered. “I had to get Dad's permission to admit you for Psych treatment.”

“You think I'm crazy?” Mark Sennins inquired of Andrea.

“You're suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder due in part to the PLA's attack on our school, and I'm at my wit's end trying to make sure you don't end up doing anything.” Lucy Sennins told her twin brother.

“Maybe, you should come in oberservation.” Colonel Jonas said to Lucy.

After couple minutes, Mark Sennins, Lucy Sennins, and Colonel Jonas got up from the table where Andrea and Timothy Forrester sat, and made their way toward one of the subterrian tunnels that connected the underground bunker to Taronia ASC Medical Center.

“Colonel?” Lucy Sennins said, “How long will you be keeping us for observation?”

“Depends?” Colonel Jonas responded, “I'll keep in touch with your parents concerning your progress.”

The three exited the tunnel, made their way to the elevator which took them up to the psychiatric wing. The Sennins twins made their way over to Colonel Jonas office, which had a privacy act statement posted on the door. It specified the confidental nature of sessions held in his office, and listed the penalties for violations.

“You two.” Colonel Jonas said to Lucy and Mark. “Have a seat. “

Lucy and Mark took couple of empty chairs, and he continued. “Anything said in this office stays in this office. You can't tell anyone else about your sessions, do you understand?”

Lucy and Mark nodded their heads in agreement and proceeded to recount the PLA attack on their school. “Well.” Mark Sennins began, “Lucy, myself and a number of other students were seated in our classroom where we had a history test. After a while, we heard a number of missile launches followed by the sound of broken glass. Lucy, and I were thrown from our desks, where we looked out at what was left of the classroom. We made our through the door into one of the corridors were we noticed other students with various injuries stagger out of other classrooms. After a few tense minutes, we made our way to an emergency exit.”

“What happened after you two got out of the school?” Colonel Jonas asked the Sennins twins.

“We basically colapsed from the shock and noticed a number of PLA soldiers entered the school heavilly armed, and heard the sound of blaster fire from inside the school.” Lucy Sennins responded, “A number of people dressed in ADF uniforms came over to us, and proceeded to look everyone over before we were taken to Parisia ASC Medical Center for treatment. “

Over at the ADF Barracks in Charles Lencon Amderestan Spacefleet Corps Base, Andrea Forrester, and Timothy Forrester sat at a table in the underground bunker with Colonel Jack Forrester, who received a promotion to Brigadier General. After several minutes, Michael Vellans came over to the table and took a seat.

“Got your promotion, I see?” Michael Vellans told Brigadier General Jack Forrester.

“I did. The interview with ARNN went well?” Brigadier General Jack Forrester said.

“It did, I'm sure your saw it on ARNN?” Michael Vellans responded.

Colonel Vellans came over to the table, and joined his father, and grandchildren at the table with his datapad. “Hello, Dad.” He said to Michael Vellans.

“How are you holding up?” Michael Vellans inquired of his son.

“Okay, I guess.” Colonel Vellans answered, “Andrea and Timothy miss their mother.”

Meanwhile on Reyen, Colonel Laura Forrester sat in the ADF Officer's Club with her neice, Lori Amber Lencon, who sat with a Ranchanian ale in front of her. The Video Reception Screen above the bar was tuned to an ALBA game between Alazenia and Amderesta.

“How's Alice.” Colonel Laura Forrester inquired of her niece.

“She's okay.” Lori Amber Lencon responded, “She's been asking about her dad lately.”

“What about yourself?” Colonel Laura Forrester inquired.

Over in the Northeast Parisia Region District, a number of Amderestan Defense Force Infantry Assault Groups on a number of planets fought a series of intense building-to-building engagements against Parisian Liberation Army personnel in several thousand metropolitan cities. A number of buildings were severely damaged or destroyed, as the ADF Infantry Assault Groups regained control of the cities from the PLA. A number of checkpoints were set up in the metropolitan cities where they set up a curfew for the civilians living in the cities.

Meanwhile in the West Central Parisia Region District, a number of planetary systems in the area came under attack from Amderestan Defense Force Aerial Assault Groups and Infantry Assault Groups. The 90112th, 78856th, 45667th, 899th, 1221st, 9001st, and 64788th Amderestan Defense Force Infantry Assault Groups landed at number of landing zones on a number of planets, unloaded their equipment, and they fought a number of intense firefights against the PLA positioned near the various landing zones. After an intense firefight, the Amderestan Defense Force Infantry Assault Groups supported by the Aerial Assault Group advanced towards a number of small towns under the control of the PLA.

After a number of hit-and-run style attacks on a number of PLA Infantry Assault Task Forces on the 90,000 planets, the Amderestan Defense Force Infantry Assault Groups entered several thousand metropolitan cities, and they fought a series of intense building-to-building engagements. A number of buildings were damaged or destroyed in the attacks, as the PLA forces were cut off by the ADF forces. A number of checkpoints were set up in the cities by the ADF, where they established a curfew for the civilians in the area.

On Crescent, President Gersan, and Deputy President Jurrisan sat in a conference room with the State Minister, Defense Minister, AIA Director, ADFCOSC, ASCCOS, AACOS, ABGCOS, ASFCOS, and AGFCOS to discuss the situation with the PLA, who had been stepped up their attacks on Amderestan Defense Force personnel and their dependents.

Meanwhile in the Deputy President's Apartment, Alice Jurisan sat in the living area with her mother, who sat with her datapad in front of her, and she worked on her homework assignment. The Video Reception Screen tuned to ARNN Senate which broadcasted a meeting of the Senate Defense Committee's

hearing that concerned the status of the war with the Sarian Federation, and the rebellions by the PLA, SLA, and TLA.

“Mom, everyone else has taken in Parisian refugees.” Alice Jurisan said, “Why not us?”

“You know why.” Lisa Jurisan told her daughter.

“You stay we would of took in refugees if Dad wasn't the Deputy President?” Alice Jurisan commented.

“Everyone that comes here has to be approved by the ACSA.” Deputy President Jurisan responded, as he entered the apartment, and joined his wife and daughter. “I had a meeting with Federal Command Authority concerning the PLA.”

Alice Jurisan activated the Video Reception Screen, and tuned it to ARNN Crescent which broadcasted coverage of the ADF offensive in the Dellisan Administrative District. ARNN Correspondent Luke Terrin who was imbedded with the 89967th ADFIAD gave a report on the intense building-to-building fighting.

Over at Charles Lencon ASC Base in Taronia City, Andrea Forrester, her twin brother Timothy Forrester and the Sennins' twins entered Sydney's Barracks.

“How was school?” Captain Sydney Forrester asked her niece and nephew.

“Okay.” Andrea Forrester responded as the four of them sat down on the couch, and began work on the day's homework assignments. “You two alright.”

“We'll manage.” Lucy Sennins answered, “We can't talk about our sessions.”

Few minutes later, Brigadier General Jack Forrester entered his daughter's quarters, and took a seat in the empty recliner.

“Hey Dad.” Captain Sydney Forrester told her father, “What brings you here?”

“Just decided to drop in.” Brigadier General Jack Forrester told his daughter. “Your sister is coming by to visit.”

“Lucy?” Sydney Forrester responded, “Hasn't she been working at ADFIDRC?”

“Since the civil war with the Tourists, Swearians, and Parisians began.” Brigadier General Jack Forrester told his middle daughter.

“Amanda called from the speeder.” Sydney mentioned to her father. “She's going to be late.”

“You guys gonna give me a hand with these? Amanda Forrester asked the rest of her family, referring to her bags.

“Here.” Sydney responded, as she went over to her younger sister, and took one of her bags. “I'll get that.”

“How's John-Jack?” Amanda Forrester inquired of her older brother.

“Coping.” Sydney told her sister, who found a chair. “Andrea, Tim, say hello to your Aunt Amanda.”

Andrea and Timothy got and made their way over to their aunt. “What has your father been feeding you two? I swear you've shot up.” Amanda Forrester told her niece and nephew.

“I can't believe we're still rationing.” Andrea Forrester responded. “I mean there's myself, Tim, Mark, Lucy, not our aunt, Grandpa, you. That's let's see, seven people.”

On the Video Reception Screen, ARNN Anchor Andrew Talisian who sat in ARNN Crescent's studio detailed a number of intense ingagements between the ADF and PLA. “Michael Connin joins me via AVACS from Parisia City. Where are you, and what was happening.”

“There's been a lot of intense firefights between ADF and PLA forces in the commerical district, where a number of civilians have been injured or killed.” ARNN Correspondent Michael Connin responded, “I've taken cover inside a nearby building as the area has come under PLA attacks.”

“Alright, stay safe out there, Michael.” ARNN Anchor Andrew Talisian said. “The Amderestan Senate has passed an appropiation bill to fund ADF operations inside the Pairisia Region. The bill is expected to be signed by President Gersan. In the Swearia Region, the Swearian Liberation Army has stepped up their attacks on ADF checkpoints throughout a number of cities in the Northeast Swearia Region District. The region government on Swearia has proposed a evacuation of children from the area, as the SLA it is reported the SLA is using civilian targets to attack ADF personnel. For more on this, we go to Kyle Lonn, who joins us on the VACS.”

On the VACS behind him, an image of ARNN Correspondent Kyle Lonn appeared in front of the Governor's Residence in blaster armor and a helmet. “A number of civilian passenger transports have been requisitioned to ferry evacuees from the affected area. Over the next few days, a number of transports filled with children will be escorted to designated areas, where they'll be taken in by host families.”

Meanwhile on Swearia, Region Governor Dessin packed couple of duffel bags for his twin children, who gave concerned looks to their father.

“Dad?” John Dessin inquired, “When do we leave?”

“I have your bags packed.” Region Governor Dessin told his children. “Head to the speeder, I'll be with you two in a moment.”

John Dessin, and Amy Dessins made their down several flights of stairs with a Security Detail to their father's speeder. After several minutes, Region Governor Dessin joined his twin children in the speeder, and he went down the street to a landing platform where a number of children were gathered. Over the next few hours, groups of Swearian children were loaded onto the ADF commandeered transports, which were escorted by ADF shuttles to a group of planets.

Meanwhile at Charles Lecon ASC Base on Taronia, Captain Sydney Forrester sat in her barracks with her Santurian DA-971-B Datapad connected to ADAIS, and she read various articles that petained to arrival of evacuees from the Swearia Region. After a few minutes, Lucy Sennins, Mark Sennins, Andrea Forrester, and Timothy Forrester entered the living area with their packs.

“How was school?” Captain Sydney Forrester inquired of the group, who found seats on the couch.

“Okay.” Timothy Forrester responded. “Are getting we more evacuees?”

“You can bet we are.” Andrea Forrester answered her twin brother.

The Video Reception Screen tuned to ARNN Taronia displayed an image of ARNN Correspondent James Callis who detailed the arrival of evacuees from the Swearia Region. The image switched to a view of several landing platforms that showed groups of children who were escorted off of the transports.

Several minutes later, a knock was heard on the outside of Sydney's barracks, and she made her way over to the door, and looked through the peephole. She activated the door control and Commander Jerrin entered her barracks.

“Andrea, and Tim are here I presume.” Commander Jerrin inquired.

“Over there on the couch.” Captain Sydney Forrester answered.

Commander Jerrin made his way over to the couch where Andrea, Timothy, Lucy, and Mark were seated. The two Forrester's looked up from their datapads with a concerned look.

“Your father's been captured by the Sarian Defense Force.” Commander Jerrin told Andrea and Timothy.

“Anything happen to him?” Andrea Forrester inquired.

“Honestly, I don't know much.” Commander Jerrin responded. “Aid organizations haven't been able to get access to the complex. But I'll keep you two informed if I hear something.”

“Appreciate it.” Timothy Forrester told Commander Jerrin as he headed towards the door.

Lucy Sennins came over to the Forrester twins with a datapad in her hand, and she took a seat beside the two them.

“You guys okay?” Lucy Sennins asked Timothy and Andrea, who looked over at her with concerned expressions.

“Of course, not.” Andrea Forrester responded, “We're walking on eggshells waiting for news on our father.”

She activated her datapad, connected it to the Amderestan Data And Information Services, and she accessed the Amderestan Emergency Assistance Corps' page that pertained to inspection of Sarian Prisoner of War camps. Andrea selected a link that pertained to a request for information on ADF Prisoners Of War.

“I'm going down to the landing platform.” Sydney Forrester told her niece and nephew. “There's more evacuaees arriving.”

Sydney exited her barracks, proceeded down the corridor to the elevator, which took her to the ground floor. She exited the barracks, and proceeded towards the base's motor pool where she got into her ADF speeder. After she activated the speeder's thrusters, she made her way towards the base's main gate, where an armed ADF Security Officer requested to see her indentification card.

“Proceed, Captain.” He said, as he returned Sydney's indentification card to her, and she headed down Taronia City's main street, past a number of commerical buildings, through a number of ADF checkpoints, and parked the speeder near a landing platform. Afterward, she got out of her speeder, and made her way to the crowd of people. A number of Swearian kids got off of the transport, were given a number by the ADF.

After several hours, the group of children were selected by various host families, who took them into their already crowded homes, filled with evacuaees from the Parisia Region. In Sydney's Barrack's, Andrea Forrester, her twin brother Timothy, Lucy Sennins, and Mark Sennins sat in the living area with their datapads, as she came in with three 12 year olds.

“It's gonna be a bit crowded in here.” Sydney Forrester told the 12 Year Olds, who found a place for their bags, and joined the others. “This is my niece and nephew, Andrea and Timothy.”

“Hello.” Andrea and Timothy responded.

“Your Dad's Governor, right?” Andrew Sennis inquired of Lucy and Mark.

“For now.” Lucy Sennins answered, “The war with the Sarians, this is just beginning.”

“It is.” Colonel Jack Forrester commented, as he entered with Mark Haleson. “They're in the process of forming an alliance with the Sencalians, Kerrians, and Lisalians. Wait a minute, the Sarians have been drawing us toward a confrontation with them.”

“What do you mean?” Lucy Sennins inquired.

“They've been involved with the formation of the Amdronian Group Alliance, the wars with the Blackanian Federation, the exile of the Blackanians to the NDEG, formation of BULA, the Yenturian Genocide, Operation Revelation, the SSAAR, PLA Rebellions, Operation Northern Protection, the Bytoris Project, the Amderestan-Northern Group Alliance War, the Bytoris pandemic, the Blackanian-Eastern Alliance-AGA War, among other things.” Mark Haleson responded.

“Hold on, didn't the Sarians try to infleunce a PLA rebellion during the Bytoris outbreak?” Lucy Sennins inquired.

“Commander Lencon sent them back to the future.” Colonel Jonas answered from the corridor, “So technically it never occurred.”

“So, Aunt Sydney.” Timothy Forrester said, “That datapad you got from grandpa, it details everything upto the invasion by the Four Power Alliance.”

“It does.” Sydney Forrester told her nephew. “Certain things are blocked though.”

“Like when we're going pass on.” Timothy Forrester said.

Meanwhile on Parisia, Governor Sennins sat in the underground bunker beneath the Governor's Residence with his staff to discuss the current situtation with the PLA. On street level, the Amderestan Defense Force personnel in Parisia City, increased the number of checkpoints and door-to-door searches for PLA forces entrenched in several buildings. Few minutes later, a number of blaster shots were heard from the upper floors of a civilian apartment complex, followed by several very close explosions. Several ADF personnel nearby crouched behind a small building with blasters drawn, and scanned the vincinity.

“RPC!” An ADF Enlistee shouted to the others, as he whooshing sound nearby, followed by an explosion.

Several others took cover as a sorties of shoulder-fired missiles were launched at their location, and destroyed the building currently used as cover. The Commanding Officer, Captain Tersan slowly got up and looked around his personnel. A number of whom were injuried or killed from the recent attack.

“Incoming!” Ensign Lenson said, as he heard the sound of a missile launch. He made way across an open area with Captain Tersan and several other survivors to another abandoned building.

“We need to find out the missile attacks are coming from.” Captain Tersan told his personnel. “Ensign, I want you to go around behind those buildings, and take out that PLA position.”

“Yes, sir.” Ensign Lenson answered as he proceeded behind several buildings to get view of several PLA enlistees, one of whom who had a shoulder-fired missile launcher on his left shoulder. He took out a scoped baster rifle, lined up his shot and fired at the PLA enlistee who dropped. He fired off three more shots at the group, two were killed and one was injuried.

Meanwhile in a Sarian Defense Force Prisoner Of War complex, Admiral John-Jack Forrester sat on a bunk in a small cell with couple of ADF enlistees. The opening in front of the door was protected by a forcefield, while outside an armed Sarian Defense Force officer stood watch.

While on Taronia, Amanda Forrester made her way down Taronia City's main street in her speeder to an intersection, where an ADF checkpoint was set up. One of the ADF officer's signaled for her to stop, and produce her identification card.

“Where are you headed?” The ADF Officer inquired.

“Charles Lencon ASC Base.” Amanda Forrester answered, as the ADF officer returned her ID card, and she continued on her way. After she proceeded for several hundred meters, Amanda approached Charles Lencon ASC Base's main gate.

“I'm here see Colonel Forrester.” Amanda Forrester told ADF Security Officer currently on guard duty.

“I'll tell your father to expect you.” The ADF Security Officer answered, as he opened the main gate, and she proceeded down to the ADF Barracks. She parked the speeder got out, and proceeded inside the barracks. Amanda made her way to the elevator went inside, which took her up 10 floors. After which, she exited the elevator car, and headed down the corridor to her father's barrack.

“Dad.” Amanda Forrester said, as she entered her father's barrack, and found a seat.

“Decided to drop in?” Colonel Jack Forrester asked his youngest daughter.

“What's that supposed to mean?” Amanda Forrester responded. “I've been busy. I'm trying to get ahold of someone, who knows anything about my brother's situtation.”

“I know, I've tried every anvenue known to man.” Colonel Jack Forrester told his daughter. “Don't worry, he'll be fine.”

Meanwhile on Blackania, Jack Airian sat in his apartment, which had undergone various repairs sat with his grand niece, Amanda Airian. She sat with her datapad connected to the Blackanian Data And Information Services, and read several news articles. “I see they finally got around to repairing our apartment building.”

Jack Airian looked over at his great niece with a stern expression. “A lot of the infrastructure was destroyed in the war, so some things are hard to come by still.”

“We still have BRDF checkpoints setup in the streets.” Amanda Airian told her great uncle. “I'd thought civilian law enforcement would take over.”

“Almost everyone in the civilian law enforcement supported the Radical Blackanian Defense Force during the war.” Jack Airian responded. “We've being trying a bunch of people for war crimes. You have to get used to it.”

While on Taronia, Amanda Forrester who sat in her father's barracks, looked over at her father. “Dad, I saw someone that resembled John.”

“Amanda, your brother's been dead for years now.” Colonel Jack Forrester told his youngest daughter.

“Dad, listen to me.” Amanda Forrester said, “What if someone else came in the cell that Lucy, Laura, and John were held in, switched John with a Sarian who resembled him-” She stopped in mid-sentence to decided how to finish her sentence.

“How old is he?” Colonel Jack Forrester asked his daughter.

“Well, when was John born?” Amanda Forrester inquired of her eldest brother.

“Your brother was 17 during Operation Northern Protection.” Colonel Jack Forrester answered. “So now he would be in his sixties.”

“The person I saw was in his sixties.” Amanda Forrester commented. “The only way to know for certain if that's John, is for you to-”

“Have a paternity test done to confirm.” Colonel Jack Forrester repiled.

Amanda, and her father got up, exited the barracks and made their way down to the first floor, where the two of them hopped in Amanda's speeder.

“Where did you see him?” Colonel Jack Forrester asked Amanda as she turned down a side street, which had a number of shops.

“Calidian's.” Amanda Forrester responded.

She did a 180 and headed back down the same street. Only this time, she made a left turn which took them to Calidian's. Amanda stopped the speeder, got out, followed afterwords by her father. The two of them entered the bar which had a small crowd inside. Amanda made her way through the crowd to the bartender, where she showed a picture to the bartender.

“He's here.” The Bartender responded, “Can I get you anything?”

“Soda, I'm piloting.” Amanda Forrester answered.

The Bartender poured a club soda, slid it to Amanda, and looked around the bar for a minute or so, before he spotted a Taronian man in his sixties. “There is he is, at that table.”

“Thanks.” Amanda Forrester said as she and her father made their way over to the table.

“You look familiar.” The Taronian said to Jack.

“I need a DNA sample from you.” Colonel Jack Forrester responded.

“Dad?” Amanda Forrester said, “I don't think that'll be required.” She handed a datapad to her father, which had a picture of her oldest brother at age 17, and age enhanced photo that resembled the person seated with them.

“John?” Colonel Jack Forrester inquired.

“Yes?” John Forrester responded to his father. “It seems I missed out on a lot. Who's that with you?”

“Your sister, Amanda.” Colonel Jack Forrester answered. “I'll fill you on the rest of the family. For starters, you have two other siblings, Sydney and John-Jack. Sydney's here in Taronia City with your niece Andrea, and nephew, Timothy, while John-Jack's being held by the Sarians.”

“Lucy's going to need proof I'm her older brother.” John Forrester said to his father and sister. He pulled a test tube out, and drew a small blood sample.

Over in Sydney's barracks, Andrea Forrester, Timothy Forrester, Mark Sennins, Lucy Sennins, and the other evacuaees sat around a holo-game unit, which had a game of intergalactic conquest projected in mid-air. A minute or so later, a chirp was sounded by Andrea's VACS. She flipped it open, and an image of Colonel Jack Forrester appeared on the screen.

“Your Aunt Sydney there?” He asked Andrea, “I need her to do a paternity test on a blood sample.”

“She's knee deep in datapads.” Andrea responded, “Paternity tests? You not talking about Uncle John, by any chance.”

“He's with me and your Aunt Amanda.” Colonel Jack Forrester told his granddaughter.

“I'll get her.” Andrea Forrester told her grandfather. “Aunt Sydney, Grandpa want's to talk to you!”

“Transfer the message to my VACS.” Sydney Forrester told her niece. She activated her Video-Audio Communication Screen, and her father's image appeared onscreen.

“There's a sample I need you to run a paternity test on.” Colonel Jack Forrester said to his middle daughter.

“You mean, John?” Sydney Forrester answered, “This is to convince Lucy, right.”

“And your mother.” Colonel Jack Forrester commented. “I'll meet you at the medical center with the sample.”

“Alright Dad, I'll be over there.” Sydney Forrester said, as she deactivated her Video-Audio Communication Screen. She got up from her desk, exited her barracks and made her way to the elevator, where she went down to the first floor. After she exited the ADF barracks, Sydney made her way over to Taronia ASC Medical Center, currently dressed in scrubs and labcoat entered the main lobby. She made her way down a number of corridors, went entered the elevator in the east wing, and she took it up to level 15. The elevator doors opened up on level 15, Sydney exited the elevator, proceeded down the corridor to a laboratory.

“Here Sydney.” Colonel Jack Forrester told his middle daughter, as he handed her a small tube of blood. “I have a sample of my dna to compare it with.”

“Thanks, Dad.” Sydney Forrester responded, as she took the samples into the laboratory. Sydney extracted DNA samples from each sample, and ran an analysis to compare the y chromosones for those in the ADF database. After few minutes, John Forrester's image appeared on the screen with a message that indicated a match. Sydney transferred the results to her 7 by 4” inch datapad, came out into the corridor where her father waited.

“So?” Colonel Jack Forrester inquired.

“It's a match.” Sydney answered, as she handed the datapad to her father. “It's going be just like when I told everyone you were still alive. Mom's here somewhere?”

“Try the Administration wing.” An ASC Lieutenant commented as he walked past, and saluated to two.

After Colonel Jack Forrester, and Captain Sydney Forrester made their way to Taronia ASC Medical's Administration wing, where Colonel Laura Forrester sat behind one of the desks.

“Need anything, Jack?” Colonel Laura Forrester asked her husband, as he and Sydney came upto the desk.

“Paternity test results.” Colonel Jack Forrester responded. He placed the datapad on the desk, and slid it toward his wife. “Pull up John's DNA profile on ADAIS, and compare it with the paternity test.”

“John's?” Colonel Laura Forrester asked Jack. “Alright.”

She accessed the DNA database on ADAIS, searched for oldest son's DNA sample, ran a comparsion to the datapad results, and it showed a match. “I'm confused, Jack. You had-”

“John gave me the sample himself.” Colonel Jack Forrester said to his wife, “And before you ask, he's alive. Apparently the Sarians took him from the cell Lucy, and Lauren were and put a Sarian in his place.”

“If John's been alive all this time, what has he been upto, and why has he contacted anyone. “ Colonel Laura Forrester commented.

“Black Ops.” Colonel Jack Forrester answered. “He was given a new identification card, background, things like that. I'm cleared for that information, if you asking.”

“Who's gonna tell Lucy?” Colonel Laura Forrester inquired of Jack.

“John, he's coming to the barracks to catch up with everyone.” Colonel Jack Forrester responded. “I'm going to pay a visit to logistics. “

Several hours later in the ADF barracks, Colonel Jack Forrester, Colonel Laura Forrester, Captain Sydney Forrester, Andrea Forrester, Timothy Forrester, Colonel Laura Forrester, and Lucy Forrester sat in Jack's barracks.

“So, guys.” John Forrester began. “Don't everyone start at once.”

“Well,” Sydney began. “ When John-Jack I were around nine, I was given a notice to appear at the tribunal of YDF officers on Crescent, concerning my witness of a massacre here on Taronia. The four collaborators tried to prevent my testimony, but I ended up putting them on Nimbson Four. Mom, Lucy, John-Jack, and I were sent to Atorsia Seven to fill a personnel shortage. Little did we know, one of the collaborators managed to escape, and follow there where he bombed the anti-grav planetary transport, John-Jack and I were on. Afterward, ASCCIS Agent Cresson was assigned to me as their was concern for my safety. After a while, Lucy, Mom, Myself, John-Jack and Cresson were traveling on transport which was bombed by Dalian. Cresson was killed, and I was kidnapped, had to kill Dalian in self defense though, considering the alternative. We were then sent to ASC Base Omega 26-Z, were another collaborator spent a year their impersonating a teacher. Exposed him, and ended up killing Commander Adakin in a escape attempt. “

“Happened to download your memior on the occupation.” John Forrester told his sister.

“Shortly before the Bytoris attack,” Amanda Forrester said, “Everyone here with the exception of you, Timothy, and Andrea came here to Aunt Lauren and Joshua's with an ASCCIS Agent, of course. On our way there, we got stuff in traffic and one of the collaborators launched a missile at our speeder from three blocks way, missed us unfortunate for the people in front of us. “

“You were a toddler back then.” Sydney commented to her younger sister.

“It's hard to forget someone very nearly killing you and your family.” Amanda Forrester answered, “Dad looked over at you.” referring to Sydney, “and you had turned white as a sheet. The ASCCIS Agent mentioned something about needing to get of the main street, and took a side street to Aunt Lauren's.”

A minute or so later, Commander Jerrin who stood outside of Jack Forrester's barracks, knocked several times, and the door opened.

“Commander?” Andrea Forrester inquired, “What brings you here?”

“Your father.” Commander Jerrin answered. “We managed to get someone to investigate the POW camp, where your's father's at. He's doing okay considering.”

Andrea breathed a sigh of relief, along with her twin brother at the news of their father. “Thanks, Commander.”

Colonel Jack Forrester, Captain Sydney Forrester, Colonel Laura Forrester, and Lucy Forrester gave a salute to Commander Jerrins, who returned it at them.

“Sydney, you knew about John?” Lucy Forrester inquired of her sister.

“I was instructed by Dad over there not tell you.” Sydney Forrester answered, “Apparently, John was picked by Amderestan Spacefleet Corps Special Operations, as an operative liasoning with AIA. AIA, AGAIC, ASCSO, and Blackanian Operatives set up the kidnapping of you, Laura Johassen, and John.”

“Commander Lencon knew about this?” Lucy Forrester commented.

“AGAIC instructed him not to reveal anything concerning this.” Sydney told her sister. “They wanted you and mom to believe John was killed, so he could a new identification for the operation.”

“You knew?” Lucy Forrester commented.

“And Dad.” Sydney answered, “He told me about John in the message about being held on Antonian Four.”

“Apparently, you forgot to mention that fact.” Lucy Forrester said to her younger sister.

“It would of endangered my assignment, Lucy.” John Forrester repiled, “It was imperative she keep that information to herself.”

Meanwhile on Tourist, the Tourist Region Field Commander sat in a briefing room with several CAG Commanders. The holographic projector displayed an image of the Tourist Region which showed real-time data of ADF and TLA forces. Most of whom who blended into the civilian population, and conducted routine sabatoge attacks on ADF forces in a few hundred thousand cities.

“The TLA's been changing their tactics as of late.” Commander Kerrin told the others seated around the table. “They are hiding in the civilian population, so we can't target them.”

“That's what they want.” A CAG Commander responded from the end of the table.

Back on Taronia, Mark and Lucy Sennins who sat in Sydney's barracks with Michael Vellans, and the three 12 Year Olds activated the Video-Audio Communication Screen, contacted their father Governor James Sennins.

“Hello, Dad.” Mark and Lucy Sennins responded to their father. “How are things back home?”

“It's been kind of quiet, as of late.” Governor James Sennins told his two children. “The PLA has retreated into the civilian population here. It seems they're gonna bid their time, try to build up their forces.”

“So, are we coming back home?” Lucy Sennins asked her father.

“I can't assure your safety.” Governor James Sennins told his daughter, “As long as the PLA is hiding among civilian targets, you're gonna have to stay on Taronia.”

“How's Mom?” Lucy Sennins inquired.

“She's doing okay, considering the situtation here.” Governor James Sennins repiled. “I have business to take care off, behave for Admiral Forrester.”

The Video-Audio Communication Screen deactivated, and the two Sennins joined the others in living area. Former President Michael Vellans looked up from his reading at the two of them.

“So, what did your father have to say?” Former President Michael Vellans inquired.

“The PLA's blending into the civilian population, using this time to build up their forces.” Mark Sennins answered. “Dad referred to an Admiral Forrester, it's not John-Jack, cause he's a POW, Amanda's a civilian liasion at Taronia ASC Medical, so it's-”

“Aunt Sydney must be the one your father's referring to.” Andrea Forrester finished, as she and Timothy entered the barracks. “Commander Jerrin put her up for a promotion, so technically she's an Admiral designee. Everything go okay here?”

“I kept the Parisians in line.” Former President Michael Vellans told his Great Grandchildren, referring to the Sennins twins. Mark and Lucy gave him an expression, and returned to their holo-game.

“And the other three?” Timothy Forrester inquired.

“Everyone stayed in line.” Former President Michael Vellans repiled.

After a few minutes, Admiral-Designate Sydney Forrester entered her barracks followed by her eldest brother. The two of made their way over to the couch, and joined their niece and nephew who tuned the VRS to ARNN Parisia. An image of ARNN Correspondent James who wore blaster protection that had press written in large letters, and a helmet appeared onscreen. He stood in Henduria City's empty commerical district which had scores of buildings damaged by fierce urban fighting. A number of ADF checkpoints were set up at various intersections, while ADFIAP's conducted routine patrols for any PLA forces hiding out in the area.

“What's the situtation over there in Henduria City?” ARNN Anchor Kollins inquired of James. An image of ARNN Parisia's studio in Parisia City appeared on the left side of the screen. Behind the anchor desk sat ARNN Anchor Tom Kevins, a 47 year old Parisian who transferred over from ARNN Airiana Four at the beginning of Operation Eastern Protection-Parisia.

“Quiet for the most part.” ARNN Correspondent James answered, “I'm taking extra precautions out here in case of any firefights. ADF personnel have expressed concerns of PLA forces using civilians as shields against ADF attacks, knowing the ADF tries to avoid collateral damage. Civilians are being urged to stay off the streets for their own safety.”

“That's good advice.” ARNN Anchor Kollins said, “In finacial news, the Amderestan Bank has announced an increase of the interest rate from 2 percent to 12 percent.”

“The banker's are trying to get us on the Alliance Credit.” Andrea Forrester commented.

“You think?” Timothy Forrester answered his twin sister. “They have been messing with us for years.”

“Of course.” Brigadier General Jack Forrester told his grandchildren, “You know all this. The bankers are using the civil war with the TLA, SLA, and PLA to run up the inflation rate to get us on the Alliance Credit.”

Meanwhile on Crescent, President Gersan, Deputy President Jurrisan, and the five members in the Amderestan Defense Force Chiefs of Staff, Region Field Commanders, and other high level officials sat around a briefing room table. Territorial Field Commanders joined the meeting from their perspective capitals.

“Well guys.” President Gersan told the group. “It seems the SLA, TLA, and PLA are scaling back their operations.”

“I wouldn't let my guard down.” The Parisia Region Field Commander responded via AVACS. “The PLA and other groups want us to leave them alone, allow them to resupply, and come back more dangerous than they are now. We should finish them, while we have advantage.”

“We need to discern between civilians and biligerents.” ASCCOS Chairman Commander Kerrins said to the others, the 69 year old Amderestan who recently saw combat in Operation Eastern Protection. He ran his finger through his salt-and-pepper beard.

“But the PLA, TLA, and SLA are donning civilian dress?” ARFC Commander Lonnins answered.

Meanwhile on Saria, Admiral John-Jack Forrester made his with other ADF Prisoners of War to an exercise area on the grounds of the POW complex. “I just have one question for you. How long have your influenced bankers been playing the system?”

One of the Sarian Defense Force officers made his way over to Admiral John-Jack Forrester. “Your President can hold off establishment of the Alliance Credit, but I assure you we'll get the Alliance Credit established, and eliminate foreign visas.”

Meanwhile on Taronia, Admiral Sydney Forrester who wore a white labcoat over her scrubs entered Taronia ASC Medical Center's main lobby, which had several terminals manned by several enlisted personnel.

“Morning, ma'am.” An Orderly said, as he exited the main elevator, donned in scrubs and made his way

toward the clinics.

“Private.” Admiral Sydney Forrester responded, as she returned his salute. “ She entered the elevator, and took the car upto the fifteenth floor. When the elevator reached the 4th floor, the doors opened to admit several officers some who held the ranks of Chief Warrant Officer, and a few Ensigns, some of whom who recently got their posting from ASC Academy.

“Morning, Ma'am.” One of the 21 Year Old Ensigns said to Sydney. “Permission to speak?”

“Granted.” Admiral Sydney Forrester responded.

“Your still on active duty status?” The 21 Year Old Ensign inquired.

“If you asking about arrangements for my niece and nephew if I get deployed.” Admiral Sydney Forrester responded, “There's an exception if your caring for dependents with a single parent.”

“You have siblings, here on base.” The Same Ensign commented, “Your Parents are stationed here, and I'm sure there's others here who can keep an eye out on Andrea and Timothy.”

After a couple of minutes, the elevator stopped on the 12th floor, three Ensigns eixted the car, while a Lieutenant, and Captain dressed in their gray Amderestan Spacefleet Corps duty uniforms entered with datapads. The doors slid closed, and the elevator continued it's ascent upto the fifteenth floor. When the elevator reached the fifteenth floor, Sydney stepped out into the corridor and made her way over to the pharamacy.

A number of Enlisted personnel who wore white labcoats over their gray ASC uniforms ran an inventory of various medicines. Sydney made her way through the shelves of medicine vials over to the several others.

Over on Airiana Four, the 567th Amderestan Army Infantry Assault Taskforce made their way along Henduria City's empty street with weapon's drawn. Several enlistees ran route sweeps of buildings along the street, looking for signs of PLA. After a few minutes, several blaster shots were hear nearby. Three Amderestan Army Officers pointed their blasters toward the source of blaster fire to ascertain where it came from, only to have two of them get hit in the leg. The third officer took out his regenerator, and tended his comarades.

The remaining Amderestan Army Officer fired a series of blasts at a nearby building, as he noticed a civilian dressed PLA officer set up a high powered blaster canon on the balcony of a 15th level apartment. Through his electro-binoculars, he noticed a second PLA officer in the apartment came out a shoulder-fired

missile launcher. The second PLA officer loaded a missile into the launcher, and launched it down at the 567th AAIAT.

“15th floor, two PLA.” The Amderestan Army Officer said to the others in his unit, who found some sort of cover.

“We need to call a Troop Transport for aerial support.” Communication Officer Lieutenant Harris told his CO.”

“Lieutentant, there are civilians in that building.” Colonel Dunclian reprimanded.

“Sir! We our blasters are no match their missile launches.” Lieutenant Harris told Colonel Duncalian, “We don't know how many weapon they have on that floor or building for that matter.”

“James, Calsin, Forbes, and Tenlon.” Colonel Dunclians said to four Lieutenants. “Flank around the right side of the building and head up to the 15th floor. Find us some heavy weapons, and clear out any PLA forces. Phillps, and Brian, set up on the building to the southwest.”

Lieutenants James, Calsin, Forbes, and Tenlon flanked around the right side of the apartment complex, entered through a side entrance, and found several weapons caches that contained a number of blaster rifles, shoulder-fired missile launchers, and other weapons. Over the next few minutes, the four officers collected the stash of weapons from several empty apartments and made their way up the stairwells to an apartment on the 15th floor. Lieutenant James, Lieutenant Calsin, Lieutenant Forbes, and Lieutenant Tenlon made their way through the apartment, and came up behind on two PLA officers. Couple of quick blaster shots took out the two PLA officers. Over on the roof of a nearby apartment building, Lieutenant Philips, and Lieutenant Brian set up a high magnitude blaster cannon which pointed toward the apartment complex.

The two of them open fire on several PLA enlistees in another apartment, only to have a series of missiles impact directly below them. Lieutenant Phillips and Lieutenant Brian felt the roof gave way, as they fell through into a mostly destroyed apartment.

“Where did those missiles come from?” Lieutenant Phillips inquired of Brians, as the two of them got up their feet.

“Not sure, I suggest we find a way out here.” Lieutenant Brians answered. “Here's a door, if I can get to it.” He pointed to a large piece of the ceiling which blocked the door. “We need to move that out of the way.”

After some effort, Lieutenant Phillips, and Brian moved the chunk of ceiling away from the door, so they could force it open. Lieutenant Brian turned a portable light on, and shone it down a corridor in order to find an intact stairwell. The two officers made their way down the corridor to a stairwell, which they took them down to the floor below them.

Over on Taronia, Admiral Sydney Forrester who wore a white labcoat over her scrubs entered Taronia ASC Medical Center's main lobby, picked up a datapad from the main desk and proceeded to the nearest elevator which she took up to the four floor where she conducted clinic duty.

At Charles Lencon Primary, Andrea Forrester, her twin brother Timothy Forrester, Lucy Sennins, Mark Sennins, and several other Taronian kids, and evacuees made their way to their various classes.

While at Charles Lencon ASC Base, Brigadier General Jack Forrester was joined by Mark Haleson in his barrack.

“The Sarians are stepping the establishment of the Alliance Credit.” Mark Haleson told Jack, “You know this already.”

“The PLA, TLA, SLA won't be needed when the bankers establish UAGAR.” Brigadier General Jack Forrester commented.

A minute or so later, Brigadier General Jack Forrester's and Mark Haleson's Video-Audio Communication Screen indicated a new transmission. They activated their VACS which displayed an image of President Gersan and Deputy President Jurrisan.

“We have also made contact with Commander Jonathan Lencon, and Admiral Sydney Forrester.” President Gersan said.

“You four know more that anyone what's going on with the AUO, intergalactic bankers, Sarians and everything that's transpired so far.” Deputy President Jurrisan commented.

“Yes, we are aware of all that.” Brigadier General Jack Forrester said. “Can you transmit Jonathan's and Sydney's transmissions to the VACS in here?”

“Sure.” President Gersan answered.

The wall mounted VACS activated and displayed images of Commander Jonathan Lencon seated in his office on ASC Base Alpha 14-A, and one of Admiral Sydney Forrester who was in Taronia ASC Medical Center.

“Any reason you called us, Mr. President?” Admiral Sydney Forrester asked her Commander-in-Chief.

“We require your help.” President Gersan answered. “We've been meeting with the Treasury Ministry to discuss the return of monetary control to the Senate.”

“Remember, what happened to Williamson and Abrams?” Admiral Sydney Forrester inquired, referring to the assassination by former AACOS Commander Andrews. “The two of them were discussing the same thing. Also, Jonathan Tenlon was threatened when he vetoed the Currency Reform Act.”

“The intergalactic bankers are going make sure their monetary system stays in place.” Commander Jonathan Lencon commented.

Over at Sydney's barracks, Andrea Forrester, her twin brother Timothy sat with Lucy and Mark Sennins, and the other three evacuaees . Andrea proceeded to detail an anti-grav planetary transport trip she and Timothy took with their parents.

Five years earlier in 90, 037, Andrea and Timothy Forrester then five years old boarded an anti-grav planetary transport at the Cillen City platform, followed by their parents, Colonel Jack Forrester and Lauren Vellans Forrester. After the four of them were cleared by ADF security personnel, they found a group of seats closer to the front. The conductor soon came on the public address and anounced the next several stops on their route. After a few minutes, the transport stopped at another platform picked up a few other people on their way to the Santurin Weapon's factory. Captain John- Jack Forrester activated his datapad, tuned it to ARNN Reyen, which detailed the increasing sabotage attacks on RBDF facilities as more resources went toward the war effort.

“Dad?” Andrea Forrester asked her father. “The war's going be over soon?”

“Sevan's making sure we win this war.” Captian John-Jack Forrester answered.

“Not Sevan, bro.” Captain Sydney Forrester, Retired commented. “This goes beyond the federation.”

“Didn't notice you board?” He told his twin sister as he returned to the datapad. “I have a favor to ask, can you watch Andrea and Timothy incase we're deployed?”

“Sure, I'll be happy to.” Captain Sydney Forrester answered her twin brother as she sat in an empty seat on the opposite side.

Sydney activated her 7 by 4 inch datapad and read a number of news articles which pertained to the strikes at RBDF operated weapon's factories, and other facilities.

Back in 90,042, Andrea Forrester continued her account, which detailed their trip to Taronia's northernmost area. The door slid open moments later to reveal Commander Jerrin in civilian dress. Sydney gave a salute to Jerrin who returned the salute.

“My brother?” Admiral Sydney Forrester inquired, which made her neice and nephew look over at the two of them.

“He's okay, for now.” Commander Jerrin answered. “You guys better prepare, things are going to get hairy. We've been warned of TLA missile launches.”

Michael Vellans entered a few minutes later. “Jerrin was just here?” He took a seat in the empty recliner.

“He was.” Timothy Forrester answered. “Thinking about running for election?”

“Which one?” Michael Vellans responded.

“Presidental.” Timothy Forrester said, “Gersan is likely to get himself killed. I've watched discussions concerning returning power to issue currency to the Amderestan Treasury Ministry.”

Over on Crescent, President Gersan, Deputy President Jurisan sat in the Executive Building's Briefing Room with Treasury Minister Kevins to discuss the situation with the Amderestan Bank. President Gersan removed a datapad from his pocket. On it was a draft for an executive order when signed would return power to issue currency to the Amderestan Treasury, and increase deposits limits to 100 percent.

“I'd double the PSA Agents for you two.” Treasury Minister Kevins commented when he saw the executive order.

President Gersan signed the executive order followed by Deputy President Jurisan, and the two of them sent a broadcast to the Amderestan people.

“Fellow Citzens.” President Gersan said, “Everything that has transpired so far has done so because of the intergalactic bankers. They have affect our political, military, and economic situtation. Therefore, I'm taking the following measures, first all deposits in the Amderestan Bank will be removed and placed in Regional Banks, second I've given orders to the Treasury Ministry to issue debt free Amderestan Credits backed by gold and silver coins.”

Over in another part of Crescent City, several members of the Amdronian Unification Organization looked around at each other with concern with the executive order passed by President Gersan.

“We'll just reduce the number of Amderestan Credits in circulation.” Amderestan Bank Director said, “Then the Amderestan Senate will have no choice but to adopt the Alliance Credit.”

“We should take care of those two.” Another AUO member commented.

“You misunderstand, the people are going take to the streets in opposition of us.” A Second AUO member responded.

Back in the Executive Building, Alice Jurisan sat in front of the Video Reception Screen tuned to ARNN Crescent. An image of ARNN Anchor Andrew Talisan seated behind the anchor desk appeared onscreen.

“We've received word that President Gersan, and Deputy President Jurisan has signed an executive order transfering monetary control to the Treasury Ministry.” He said into the camera. “I'm not sure what the situtation with the Presidents is. Hopefully, there won't be a simular circumstance as there was with the ACA-AA coup during the Blackanian-AGA War.”

On Taronia, Andrea and Timothy Forrester sat in front of the VRS with Lucy and Mark Sennins which had broadcasts of demonstrators expressing their anger at the intergalactic bankers.

“We're gonna really feel it now.” Andrea Forrester told her brother and the Sennins twins. “The intergalactic bankers are going to reduce the number of Amderestan Credits the local banks can issue out. “

“What about the food rationing? I'm sure that's going affect prices even if we abolish the Amderestan Bank.” Timothy Forrester commented to his twin sister. “Is the Senate going to do away with rationing?”

The Video Reception Screen, now tuned to ARNN Senate gave a view of the 290 Senators seated in the Senate Chamber. The ARNN Cameraman panned over to show Deputy President Jurisan at the podium.

“Mr. President, request uninamous consent for three minutes.” Region Senator Markus, the current representative of the Northeast Tourist Region District said.

“Three minutes to the gentleman from the Northeast Tourist Region District.” Deputy President Jurisan responded.

“Mr. President.” Region Senator Markus said, “For the last few decades, the Amderestan people have been subject to rationing of food, and other supplies. This has in fact caused a demand for goods, which has result in drastic price increases. This is affecting people on a massive scale, especially those who've taken in evacuaee children. I urge this body to repeal the Rationing Act in order to bring prices down. The intergalactic bankers who have orchestrated our current situation is without a doubt planning to put us in a depression, hoping to keep us on their Amderestan Credit. A number of debt free Amderestan Treasury Credits backed by gold and silver deposits have begun to be sent out to Regional, and Administrative District banks throughout the 4th Amderestan Republic, as indicated by Executive Order 997684, when enough of these new credits have been issued the Amderestan Credit will be no longer be legal tender for public and private debts. I have this to say to intergalactic bankers, we the Amderestan people have had enough. I hope other governments in the AGA will take simular measures as we've done.”

Andrea Forrester went up a few channels to TRNN Tarozenia, which displayed an image of Tarozenian President Kellins in his office.

“Fellow Tarozenians,” He said into the camera. “There's something I've been compeled to say to you. Our war with the former Blackanian Federation was orchestrated by the Amdronian Unification Organization, a group of intergalactic bankers who wants our goverments under their control. The Amdronian Group Alliance was the first step, second one is issuance of a common currency for AGA members, third step will be elimination of intergalactic borders, intergration of our defense forces, and increased powers to the AGAAC. So far, the 4th Amderestan Republic has managed to hold out against adoption of the Alliance Credit. I've also given orders to the Tarozenian Treasury to issue debt free Tarozenian Treasury Credits as legal tender backed by gold and silvers coins. The Tarozenian Bank, which has been and will be a private central bank, as all the others are, will feel the effects of decreased monetary supplies. The intergalactic bankers will no doubt try to counteract these measures I've taken.”

Admiral Sydney Forrester joined her niece, nephew, and the Sennins twins in her barracks, as she removed her white labcoat, hung it up on the coat rack, and found a seat in the empty recliner.

“You guys didn't do anything?” She asked the four, who looked glanced over at her with confused looks.

“How old you do think we are?” Timothy Forrester blurted out.

“Tim!” Andrea Forrester said in a loud whisper. “Do you want Aunt Sydney to ground you?”

He shook his head, “Of course I don't,sis.” He answered his twin sister.

“If your father was here, I'm sure he would've said to you about backtalking.” Admiral Sydney Forrester told her nephew.

“But Dad's not here!” Timothy Forrester answered in a frustated tone. “He had to get himself captured by the Sarians!” He got up from the couch and proceeded to pace around the room.

Andrea Forrester got up and went over to her twin brother, who was visibly upset. “Tim.” She grabbed him by his shoulder to stop him. “I miss Dad also. You know Sarians are gonna hold him while we're at war with them.”

Over on Crescent, several of the intergalactic bankers who sat around a conference table looked around with concern. “We need to nip this in the bud.” One Banker said

“The people are supporting this debt-free currency.” Another One commented. “Maybe we should give them a choice. Either abandon their new currencies, or face a wider war with the Sarians.”

“The Sarians can't handle a war with the rest of the Alliance.” A Third Banker answered, “Especially with the new allies the 4th Amderestan Republic has recruted.”

At the Amderestan Treasury Ministry, the Treasury Minister, Deputy Treasury Minister, and the Director of the Amderestan mint sat around with copies of the newly issued Amderestan Treasury Credits. A lot of which had been put in circulation, notices in various electronic papers announced the exchange rate between the Amderestan Treasury Credit, and the Amderestan Credit.

Meanwhile in one of the Sarian Prisoner of War camps, Admiral John-Jack Forrester dressed in prison issue clothing sat in his small cell, which had a bed and small toilet while an invisible forcefield over the door-sized opening kept him inside.

“All prisoners are to gather in the exercise yard.” A Sarian Army Officer commented. He deactivated the forcefield, handcuffed John-Jack's wrists behind him, and took him out to the exercise yard where a number of other ADF Prisoners of War were gathered.

“We have been in negotations with your government concerning the exchange of POWs by our two sides.” The Base Commander began, “Those of you here, will be returned to your government. Your communication equipment will be returned to you, along with your uniforms, and weapons.”

A group of Sarian enlistees went around and removed handcuffs from each of the former POWs, gave each of them a Video-Audio Communicator Screen, their various duty uniforms, and weapon.

Back on Taronia, Andrea and Timothy Forrester who sat with a Video-Audio Communication Screen. A chime from the unit signaled an incoming message. They activated the unit, and their father's image of appeared on screen.

“I'm being released.” Admiral John-Jack Forrester said.

“You're coming home?” Andrea Forrester asked her father.

“Sorry, I've been ordered to Airiana Four.” Admiral Jack Forrester told his daughter. “I know I've been deployed a lot lately.”

“I understand, Dad.” Andrea Forrester responded.

“Your Aunt Sydney around?” Admiral John-Jack Forrester asked his daughter.

“She's on duty right now.” Andrea told her father.

“Tell her to contact me when she's done.” The transmission switched off, and two of them made their way into their Aunt Sydney's bedroom where she had her personal temporal transport device on her dresser.

“Andrea, what are you doing?” Timothy asked his sister, as she took the personal temporal transport device in her hands. Andrea opened the device, put her fingers on five buttons around the outside of the PTTD, and opened a conduit in the middle of the room.

“Look in there.” Andrea Forrester told her twin brother. “There's Analkia City.”

“The one in the Parallel universe?” Timothy Forrester inquired.

“Wanna see it for youself?” Andrea suggested.

“What!?” Timothy responded to his sister's invitation. “We'd get in trouble.”

Andrea pushed her brother into the conduit, afterward she jumped in herself. After a short period of time, the two Forrester kids landed in midst of an empty field.

“Now what?” Timothy Forrester said, “Any more bright ideas, genius?”

“You two are not from around here?” An Analkian inquired of the Forrester Twins.

“We came by the way of this.” Andrea Forrester answered, removing her aunt's personal temporal transport device from her pocket.

“I read about these when I was in school.” The Analkan said. “Any particluar reason you're here?”

“The Sarians in our universe are forming an Alliance against the Amdronian Group Alliance.” Timothy Forrester answered.

“We've been watching them for awhile.” The Analkian told Timothy and Andrea. “I'm going to send an envoy to the Amdronian Group Alliance. Tell President Gersan, there's a new ally against the Sarians.”

“What does this mean?” Andrea Forrester inquired.

“We're coming home.” The Analkian said.

Andrea opened a conduit back to her aunt's barracks, and the two of them jumped in. After they exited the conduit in their aunt's bedroom, Andrea returned the PTTD to where she had found it and walked out into the living area followed by Timothy.

“Computer, activate AVACS and open a secure channel to President Gersan.” Andrea Forrester said. After a momentary pause, an image of President Gersan seated behind his desk appeared onscreen.

“The Analkian Republic has decided to join the Alliance.” Timothy Forrester said.

“I was under the impression they were killed by the Sarians.” President Gersan answered.

“Not all of them.” Andrea Forrester repiled, “A lot of them went to a parallel universe.”

A moment later, a light knock was heard on the other side of the door. Andrea and Timothy went over to activate the controls which revealed Commander Jerrin, who stood in the corridor. He looked at the two Forrester kids, and pondered how to tell his news.

“I have some bad news for you two.” He began. “Your Father's been killed in action.”

“We should've told him goodbye when we talked with him when he was released.” Andrea Forrester told her twin brother, who broke down in sobs. “Commander, does Aunt Sydney and everyone else know?”

“I've notified your imeadiate family concerning this.” Commander Jerrin answered, “You know, Colonel Jonas is available if you need to talk. I'll give your aunts, Grandparents leave to make arrangements.”

Mark and Lucy Sennins came in from the kitchen, and noticed Andrea and Timothy who were visibly weeping.

“If either of you two say you understand what we going through!” Andrea said in a raised tone. “You don't. Our parents are both dead now, thanks to the PLA.”

“We have said anything.” Mark Sennins protested. “What happens to you two now?”

“We stay here.” Andrea answered, “Our Aunt has Gaurdianship of us.”

“Quiet, you guys.” Lucy Sennins said to her brother and the Forrester twins. She noticed a sound of someone who spoke with a Tourist Accent, and three others. The door slid open a moment later, and three TLA operatives entered the room.

“You five try anything, and one of you gets shot!” A TLA Operative said.

“First off, your on an ADF Installation, so if anything happens to us.” Andrea Forrester responded to the TLA operatives. “Rest assured, Security personnel will kill you.”

Lucy Sennins reached into her skirt pocket and activated her VACS. She removed her hand from her pocket. Soon after, kalxons sounded in the barracks which made every ADF officer and enlisted person reach for their blaster. Brigadier General Jack Forrester exited his barracks, when he noticed his two grandchildren and the Sennins twins out in the corridor. His mind went back to the capture of his family years earlier by the Tourist Liberation Army, and pondered if the same was happening.

“If one of them is TLA.” An ADF Security Officer said behind Jack, his blaster drawn. “The other three are Parisian. What's the PLA doing here with the TLA?”

“See the two Parisian kids with my grandchildren.” Jack Forrester commented, “Their father's Region Governor of the Parisia Region.”

“Why wasn't there a detail assigned to the Sennins considering that fact?” The ADF Security Officer responded, as he pointed his blaster rifle at the TLA operative, his finger poised on the trigger ready to fire. The ADF Security Officer took a breath, let it out and squeezed the trigger. The laser blast hit the TLA operative between his eyes, and he dropped to the floor. Jack fired his blaster pistol at one of the PLA operatives which killed him. He then fired at another PLA operative, which dropped him to the floor in severe pain. Jack noticed the remaining PLA operative reach down for his comrade's blaster rifle beside him on the floor, and fired two shots in his chest, which instantly killed him.

“Kick those blaster rifles over here.” Brigadier General Jack Forrester told Andrea and Timothy, who hesitated a moment before they noticed the wounded PLA operative near them on the floor.

Andrea made her way over to the PLA operative with an angry look at him. “Did you kill our father? Tell me, did you kill him!” She grabbed him around his neck, and began to squeeze.

The PLA Operative tried to catch his breath as Andrea held a firm grip. Timothy, Lucy, and Mark each grabbed her and pulled her off of him.

“Yes.” The PLA Operative answered as he caught his breath. “Alright, I shot him! He happened to lose his footing, lost his blaster pistol, so-”

“You shot him!” Andrea Forrester responded, “An unarmed officer, our father was no threat to you!”

Brigadier General Jack Forrester pointed his blaster pistol at the wounded PLA officer, his finger poised on the trigger ready to fire at him. “Jack?” The ADF Security Officer said, “I know you're angry at him.”

“You're right I am!” Brigadier General Jack Forrester responded, “My son was unarmed when he shot him!”

Admiral Sydney Forrester approached her barracks to find her niece, nephew, and the Sennins twin outside of the barracks. Near them was the injured PLA Officer, and the four dead beside him. She noticed Andrea being held back by Mark and Lucy.

“Dad?” She inquired, “What happened?”

Jack proceeded to tell her how Andrea, Timothy, Mark, and Lucy were taken by a TLA, and four PLA officers. How he came out with a Security Officer and took out the four hostiles.

“Anything else?” Sydney asked her father.

“When Andrea found out the PLA officer over there killed your brother, who was unarmed.” Brigadier General Jack Forrester told his daughter. “She tried to strangle him, fortunately Mark and Lucy were able to pull her off.”

“Leiutenant, get him out of here.” Admiral Sydney Forrester ordered the Security Officer next to her father. Who made his way over to the PLA officer, brought him to his feet and led him away.

“You can let go now, guys.” Andrea Forrester said to Mark and Lucy, who let go of her arms.

Sydney entered her barracks followed by Mark, Lucy, Andrea and Timothy, and the five of them took a seat on the couch. She activated her Video-Audio Communication Screen, and contacted Lucy Dalian who was currently involved with the Atorsia ASC Medical Center.

“Hey, Syd.” She said, “It's been awhile since you called.”

“I know.” Sydney answered, “How soon can you catch a transport to Taronia?”

“Why? What happened?” Lucy Dalian inquired.

“John-Jack was killed in action by PLA officer, who tried to kidnap my niece, nephew, and two Parisian refugees I'm hosting.” Sydney answered.

“You're their gaurdian now?” Lucy Dalian asked Sydney, who looked surpised at her question.

“Did he tell you?” Admiral Sydney Forrester responded.

“He contacted me when he was in the EAF Territory for Operation Eastern Protection.” Lucy Dalian answered.

“What about everyone else?” Sydney inquired of Lucy Dalian. “I'm sure they'll like to pay their respects to John-Jack”

Meanwhile on Crescent, President Gersan, Deputy President Jurisan and other high level ADF officials sat in the Executive Building's main briefing room, which had tactical displays of the Parisia, Tourist, and Swearia Regions, which detailed a number of hit-and-run attacks on ADF forces over the past few weeks. The ADF Chief of Staff Chairman proceeded to detail a new urban campaign against PLA, TLA, and SLA forces in the major cities. President Gersan's Chief of Staff came into the briefing room with the Analkian Ambassador to the 4th Amderestan Republic, who was newly appointed by Analkian Republic.

“Mr. Presidents.” Analkian Ambassador Kevins said, “I've been sent here on behalf my government to sign a Defense Treaty against the Sarian Federation.” He removed a datapad, and slid it across the table to Gersan and Jurisan, who read it over and signed with their styluses. “Alright, I'll inform my Senate about this, and I'm sure yours will have to ratify the treaty as well.”

Deputy President Jurisan got up from the conference table, and proceeded with his Security Detail to the underground tunnel which connected the Executive and Senate Buildings.

Meanwhile on Reyen, Lori Amber Lencon sat with her niece Alice, who was involved with a history assignment. Her VACS chimed a moment later, and showed a message from her father. Commander Jonathan Lencon's image appeared onscreen, a short time later.

“Hey Dad.” She said, “Decided to call?”

“I'm headed out to Taronia City tomorrow.” Commander Jonathan Lencon told his daughter. “John-Jack Forrester was killed by the PLA. Jack asked if You and Alice could come, and pay your respects. “

“We'll be on the next transport to Taronia.” Lori told her father. “Alice, get your stuff packed for tomorrow, we have to be at the landing platform at 0630.” Alice Lencon got up from the couch, and proceeded to pack a small bag of clothes, and other things.

“I'll contact Commander Jerrins, and tell him we're coming.” Commander Jonathan Lencon responded.

“I heard the TLA has been launching missiles into the Taronia Region over the past few months trying the widen the conflict.” Lori Lencon responded, “I bet they want their old territory back which included the Taronia Region.”

Back on Taronia, Commander Jerrin sat with his Executive Officer to discuss the almost daily missile attacks launched by the Tourist Liberation Army, which had expanded to attacks on the border by TLACAGs which had made their way deep inside the Region.

“We've just had TLA personnel infiltrate the base, and try to kidnap some of our dependents .” Commander Jerrin said, “I want a Security Detail outside of Admiral Forrester barracks.”

“Isn't she hosting Governor Sennins two kids?” The Executive Officer responded. “We should've had a detail on those two when they first got here.”

“I'm aware of that.” Commander Jerrin said, “We have Amderesta 1 ASC-1737-L's personnel and few civilians coming here for Admiral John-Jack Forrester's memorial service tomorrow, so we'll need to make arangements for everyone.”

Kalxons sounded a moment later followed by a number of explosions, which made the two jump to their feet. A number of Officers and Enlisted set up mobile SAM launcher throughout the base to try and take any missiles. In the ADF barracks, Sydney heard the sound of missile launches and explosions and told Andrea, Timothy, Lucy, and Mark to heard down to the bunker, as she made her way over to Taronia ASC Medical Center which expected to have some casaulties from the attacks.

Throughout Taronia City, the city's mayor told civilians to stay in their homes until the all clear was given, a number of local businesses had closed their doors incase of any missile attacks. One ADFIAP noticed a TLA marked transport a thousand kilometers from the ground, and one of them launched a Surface-to-Air Missile at the transport, which destroyed it, and scattered debris throughout the nearby area.

Near their location, an ARNN Correspondent and his Cameraman gave a live report on the attacks. “Behind me to the right, a TLA troop transport has been taken out by an ADFIAP. All over the city, we've been hearing Surface-to Air Missile launches targeted at a number of TLA troop transports.” The ARNN Correspondent said.

Meanwhile in the bunker beneath the ADF barracks, Timothy Forrester had his datapad tuned to ARNN Taronia, which had live updates on the Tourist Liberation Army attacks. “A number of medical facilities have been reporting injuries, mostly civilians as a number of missile attacks have increased.” ARNN Correspondent Luke Salis said, “Back to you at the studio.”

He changed channels to ARNN Crescent which showed the image of ARNN Anchor John Venlon. “Tonight, we began a series on the background of the Blackanian-AGA War. We've interviewed a number of those involved in all aspects of the conflict. Our story goes back to 89,978, when the AGAIC organized Operation Traveler.”

An image of Commander Jonathan Lencon appeared onscreen. “I was called into the AGAIC headquarters, where the Director told me I was being sent inside the Blackanian Federation to set up BULA , a grassroots resistance movement.”

The image returned to ARNN Crescent's studio where John Venlon sat in the main studio. “Former Councilor Jack Airian.”

“I met Commander Lencon in late 89,978, early 89,979 in Blackania City.” Jack Airian said, “We talked about a possiblity of a peace treaty between the Federation and the Andronian Group Alliance. Among a number of other things, during that time I also met with Former High Councilor Andrew Seltan and three other Moderate Councilors who supported the peace treaty.”

“In 89,981, “ John Venlon said, “The Radical members of the Blackanian High Council planned the assassination of High Councilor Andrew Seltan.”

An image of Former High Councilor Andrew Seltan appeared onscreen, seated in his apartment. “I was made aware of the assassination plot by the AGAIC, so I told my twin brother to switch ID cards, and take my place at the council session. As you all now know, I went underground with my brother's identity to continue the work Jonathan Lencon started.

John Venlon's image returned onscreen. “High Councilor James Sevan sent Jack Airian to the NDEG, as to distance him from influencing the moderate Blackanians. The image of Jack Airian reappeared onscreen, this time in the cafe where he met Commander Jonathan Lencon in 89,978.

“James knew I had ties to BULA, but didn't want risk fueling a response if I was killed, so I was sent to the NDEG.” Jack Airian said into the camera.

“Fast forward to 89,993,